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Parse::Eyapp::TokenGen(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Parse::Eyapp::TokenGen(3)

Parse::Eyapp::TokenGen - Support for Using Parse::Eyapp as a Data Generator INTRODUCTION
For a introduction to data generation using Parse::Eyapp see Parse::Eyapp::datagenerationtut. METHODS
set_tokengens Receives the parser object and the pairs token => generator Sets the generator attribute of the tokens. Though not strictly necessary, the generator is a Test::LectroTest::Generator object. set_weights Receives the parser object and the pairs token => weight Sets the weight attribute of the tokens. The weight is a floating number. set_tokenweightsandgenerators Receives the parser object and the pairs token => [weight, generator] or token => weight and sets the weight and generator attributes of the tokens. An example can be found in "examples/generator/": $parser->set_tokenweightsandgenerators( NUM => [ 2, Int(range=>[0, 9], sized=>0)], VAR => [ 0, # At the beginning, no variables are defined Gen { return Elements(keys %st)->generate if keys %st; return Int(range=>[0, 9], sized=>0)->generate; }, ], VARDEF => [ 2, String( length=>[1,2], charset=>"A-NP-Z", size => 100 ) ], '=' => 2, '-' => 1, '+' => 2, '*' => 4, '/' => 2, '^' => 0.5, ';' => 1, '(' => 1, ')' => 2, '' => 2, 'error' => 0, ); token_weight Receives the parser object and the token and returns the weight. If an additional weight is provided the weight for the token is set. token_generator Receives the parser object and the token and returns the generator. If an additional generator is provided the generator for the token is set. deltaweight Has the syntax: $parser->deltaweight(TOKEN1 => deltaweight1, TOKEN2 => deltaweight2, ...) increases the weight of the respective token by the associated amount. pushdeltaweight As "deltaweight" but the current weights of the involved tokens are saved in a stack popweight Restores the weights of the tokens that were previously saved with "pushdeltaweight" SEE ALSO
o Parse::Eyapp::datagenerationtut o Test::LectroTest::Generator by Tom Moertel o The Design and Implementation of a Grammar-based Data Generator (1992) by Peter M. Maurer, Software Practice and Experience <> o yagg: an easy-to-use generator for structured test inputs by David Coppit and Jiexin Lian. ASE '05: Proceedings of the 20th IEEE/ACM international Conference on Automated software engineering. 2005, pages 356-359. o <>, o <>, o <> o Writing Randomly by Randall Schwartz. Linux Magazine Column 04 (Sep 1999). <> o Generating Test Data with Enhanced Context Free Grammars by Peter M. Maurer < source/documentation/gen_tst.pdf> o Modules as Programs by Brian d Foy <> o How a Script Becomes a Module by Brian d Foy. On Perlmonks: <>. CONTRIBUTORS
o Hal Finkel <> o G. Williams <> o Thomas L. Shinnick <> o Frank Leray AUTHOR
Casiano Rodriguez-Leon ( ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
This work has been supported by CEE (FEDER) and the Spanish Ministry of Educacion y Ciencia through Plan Nacional I+D+I number TIN2005-08818-C04-04 (ULL::OPLINK project <>). Support from Gobierno de Canarias was through GC02210601 (Grupos Consolidados). The University of La Laguna has also supported my work in many ways and for many years. A large percentage of code is verbatim taken from Parse::Yapp 1.05. The author of Parse::Yapp is Francois Desarmenien. I wish to thank Francois Desarmenien for his Parse::Yapp module, to my students at La Laguna and to the Perl Community. Thanks to the people who have contributed to improve the module (see "CONTRIBUTORS" in Parse::Eyapp). Thanks to Larry Wall for giving us Perl. Special thanks to Juana. LICENCE AND COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2006-2008 Casiano Rodriguez-Leon ( All rights reserved. Parse::Yapp copyright is of Francois Desarmenien, all rights reserved. 1998-2001 These modules are free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perlartistic. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. perl v5.16.2 2012-03-23 Parse::Eyapp::TokenGen(3)
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