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net::server::proto::unix(3) [osx man page]

Net::Server::Proto::UNIX(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       Net::Server::Proto::UNIX(3)

Net::Server::Proto::UNIX - Net::Server UNIX protocol. SYNOPSIS
See Net::Server::Proto. DESCRIPTION
Protocol module for Net::Server. This module implements the UNIX SOCK_STREAM socket type. See Net::Server::Proto. Any sockets created during startup will be chown'ed to the user and group specified in the starup arguments. PARAMETERS
The following paramaters may be specified in addition to normal command line parameters for a Net::Server. See Net::Server for more information on reading arguments. unix_type Can be either SOCK_STREAM or SOCK_DGRAM (default is SOCK_STREAM). This can also be passed on the port line (see Net::Server::Proto). However, this method is deprecated. If you want SOCK_STREAM - just use proto UNIX without any other arguments. If you'd like SOCK_DGRAM, use the new proto UNIXDGRAM. METHODS
NS_unix_path/NS_unix_type In addition to the standard NS_ methods of Net::Server::Proto classes, the UNIX types also have legacy calls to NS_unix_path and NS_unix_type. Since version 2.000, NS_unix_path is simply an alias to NS_port. NS_unix_type is now redundant with NS_proto. These methods were missing between version 2.000 and 2.003 but have been returned as legacy bridges. QUICK PARAMETER LIST
Key Value Default # deprecated UNIX socket parameters unix_type (SOCK_STREAM|SOCK_DGRAM) SOCK_STREAM port "filename" undef # more recent usage port "filename / UNIX" port "filename / UNIXDGRAM" LICENCE
Distributed under the same terms as Net::Server perl v5.16.2 2012-06-06 Net::Server::Proto::UNIX(3)

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Net::Server::Proto::UDP(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				Net::Server::Proto::UDP(3)

Net::Server::Proto::UDP - Net::Server UDP protocol. SYNOPSIS
See Net::Server::Proto. DESCRIPTION
Protocol module for Net::Server. This module implements the SOCK_DGRAM socket type under INET (also known as UDP). See Net::Server::Proto. PARAMETERS
The following paramaters may be specified in addition to normal command line parameters for a Net::Server. See Net::Server for more information on reading arguments. udp_recv_len Specifies the number of bytes to read from the UDP connection handle. Data will be read into $self->{'server'}->{'udp_data'}. Default is 4096. See IO::Socket::INET and recv. udp_recv_flags See recv. Default is 0. udp_broadcast Default is undef. QUICK PARAMETER LIST
Key Value Default ## UDP protocol parameters udp_recv_len d+ 4096 udp_recv_flags d+ 0 udp_broadcast bool undef INTERNAL METHODS
"object" Returns an object with parameters suitable for eventual creation of a IO::Socket::INET object listining on UDP. "connect" Called when actually binding the port. Handles default parameters before calling parent method. LICENCE
Distributed under the same terms as Net::Server perl v5.18.2 2013-01-09 Net::Server::Proto::UDP(3)
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