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net::server::multitype(3) [osx man page]

Net::Server::MultiType(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				 Net::Server::MultiType(3)

Net::Server::MultiType - Net::Server personality SYNOPSIS
use base qw(Net::Server::MultiType); sub process_request { #...code... } my @types = qw(PreFork Fork Single); Net::Server::MultiType->run(server_type => @types); DESCRIPTION
Please read the pod on Net::Server first. This module is a personality, or extension, or sub class, of the Net::Server module. This personality is intended to allow for easy use of multiple Net::Server personalities. Given a list of server types, Net::Server::MultiType will require one at a time until it finds one that is installed on the system. It then adds that package to its @ISA, thus inheriting the methods of that personality. ARGUMENTS
In addition to the command line arguments of the Net::Server base class, Net::Server::MultiType contains one other configurable parameter. Key Value Default server_type 'server_type' 'Single' server_type May be called many times to build up an array or possible server_types. At execution, Net::Server::MultiType will find the first available one and then inherit the methods of that personality CONFIGURATION FILE
"Net::Server::MultiType" allows for the use of a configuration file to read in server parameters. The format of this conf file is simple key value pairs. Comments and white space are ignored. #-------------- file test.conf -------------- ### multi type info ### try PreFork first, then go to Single server_type PreFork server_type Single ### server information min_servers 20 max_servers 80 spare_servers 10 max_requests 1000 ### user and group to become user somebody group everybody ### logging ? log_file /var/log/server.log log_level 3 pid_file /tmp/ ### access control allow .+.(net|com) allow deny a.+ ### background the process? background 1 ### ports to bind host port localhost:20204 port 20205 ### reverse lookups ? # reverse_lookups on #-------------- file test.conf -------------- PROCESS FLOW
See Net::Server HOOKS
There are no additional hooks in Net::Server::MultiType. TO DO
See Net::Server AUTHOR
Paul T. Seamons SEE ALSO
Please see also Net::Server::Fork, Net::Server::INET, Net::Server::PreFork, Net::Server::MultiType, Net::Server::Single perl v5.16.2 2012-06-05 Net::Server::MultiType(3)

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Net::Server::Fork(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				      Net::Server::Fork(3)

Net::Server::Fork - Net::Server personality SYNOPSIS
use Net::Server::Fork; @ISA = qw(Net::Server::Fork); sub process_request { #...code... } __PACKAGE__->run(); DESCRIPTION
Please read the pod on Net::Server first. This module is a personality, or extension, or sub class, of the Net::Server module. This personality binds to one or more ports and then waits for a client connection. When a connection is received, the server forks a child. The child handles the request and then closes. With the exception of parent/child signaling, this module will work (with basic functionality) on Win32 systems. ARGUMENTS
check_for_dead Number of seconds to wait before looking for dead children. This only takes place if the maximum number of child processes (max_servers) has been reached. Default is 60 seconds. max_servers The maximum number of children to fork. The server will not accept connections until there are free children. Default is 256 children. max_dequeue The maximum number of dequeue processes to start. If a value of zero or undef is given, no dequeue processes will be started. The number of running dequeue processes will be checked by the check_for_dead variable. check_for_dequeue Seconds to wait before forking off a dequeue process. It is intended to use the dequeue process to take care of items such as mail queues. If a value of undef is given, no dequeue processes will be started. CONFIGURATION FILE
See Net::Server. PROCESS FLOW
Process flow follows Net::Server until the post_accept phase. At this point a child is forked. The parent is immediately able to wait for another request. The child handles the request and then exits. HOOKS
The Fork server has the following hooks in addition to the hooks provided by the Net::Server base class. See Net::Server "$self->pre_accept_hook()" This hook occurs just before the accept is called. "$self->pre_fork_hook()" This hook occurs just after accept but before the fork. "$self->post_accept_hook()" This hook occurs in the child after the accept and fork. "$self->run_dequeue()" This hook only gets called in conjuction with the check_for_dequeue setting. TO DO
See Net::Server AUTHOR
Paul Seamons <> Rob Brown <> SEE ALSO
Please see also Net::Server::INET, Net::Server::PreFork, Net::Server::MultiType, Net::Server::SIG Net::Server::Single perl v5.12.1 2007-02-03 Net::Server::Fork(3)
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