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net::server::log::sys::syslog(3) [osx man page]

Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog(3)			User Contributed Perl Documentation			  Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog(3)

Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog - log via Syslog SYNOPSIS
use base qw(Net::Server::PreFork); __PACKAGE__->run( log_file => 'Sys::Syslog', syslog_ident => 'myapp', ); DESCRIPTION
This module provides Sys::Syslog logging to the Net::Server system. CONFIGURATION
log_file To begin using Sys::Syslog logging, simply set the Net::Server log_file configuration parameter to "Sys::Syslog". If the magic name "Sys::Syslog" is used, all logging will take place via the Sys::Syslog module. If syslog is used the parameters "syslog_logsock", "syslog_ident", and "syslog_logopt",and "syslog_facility" may also be defined. syslog_logsock Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". May be either unix, inet, native, console, stream, udp, or tcp, or an arrayref of the types to try. Default is "unix" if the version of Sys::Syslog < 0.15 - otherwise the default is to not call setlogsock. See Sys::Syslog. syslog_ident Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". Id to prepend on syslog entries. Default is "net_server". See Sys::Syslog. syslog_logopt Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". May be either zero or more of "pid","cons","ndelay","nowait". Default is "pid". See Sys::Syslog. syslog_facility Only available if "log_file" is equal to "Sys::Syslog". See Sys::Syslog and syslog. Default is "daemon". DEFAULT ARGUMENTS FOR Net::Server The following arguments are available in the default "Net::Server" or "Net::Server::Single" modules. (Other personalities may use additional parameters and may optionally not use parameters from the base class.) Key Value Default ## syslog parameters (if log_file eq Sys::Syslog) syslog_logsock (native|unix|inet|udp |tcp|stream|console) unix (on Sys::Syslog < 0.15) syslog_ident "identity" "net_server" syslog_logopt (cons|ndelay|nowait|pid) pid syslog_facility w+ daemon METHODS
"initialize" This method is called during the initilize_logging method of Net::Server. It returns a single code ref that will be stored under the log_function property of the Net::Server object. That code ref takes log_level and message as arguments and calls the initialized log4perl system. "handle_log_error" This method is called if the log_function fails for some reason. It is passed the Net::Server object, the error that occurred while logging and an arrayref containing the log level and the message. In turn, this calls the legacy Net::Server::handle_syslog_error method. LICENCE
Distributed under the same terms as Net::Server POD ERRORS
Hey! The above document had some coding errors, which are explained below: Around line 104: You forgot a '=back' before '=head1' Around line 114: '=item' outside of any '=over' perl v5.16.2 2012-06-05 Net::Server::Log::Sys::Syslog(3)

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Log::Dispatch::Syslog(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Log::Dispatch::Syslog(3)

Log::Dispatch::Syslog - Object for logging to system log. SYNOPSIS
use Log::Dispatch; my $log = Log::Dispatch->new ( outputs => [ [ 'Syslog', min_level => 'info', ident => 'Yadda yadda' ] ] ); $log->emerg( "Time to die." ); DESCRIPTION
This module provides a simple object for sending messages to the system log (via UNIX syslog calls). Note that logging may fail if you try to pass UTF-8 characters in the log message. If logging fails and warnings are enabled, the error message will be output using Perl's "warn". CONSTRUCTOR
The constructor takes the following parameters in addition to the standard parameters documented in Log::Dispatch::Output: o ident ($) This string will be prepended to all messages in the system log. Defaults to $0. o logopt ($) A string containing the log options (separated by any separator you like). See the openlog(3) and Sys::Syslog docs for more details. Defaults to ''. o facility ($) Specifies what type of program is doing the logging to the system log. Valid options are 'auth', 'authpriv', 'cron', 'daemon', 'kern', 'local0' through 'local7', 'mail, 'news', 'syslog', 'user', 'uucp'. Defaults to 'user' o socket ($) Tells what type of socket to use for sending syslog messages. Valid options are listed in "Sys::Syslog". If you don't provide this, then we let "Sys::Syslog" simply pick one that works, which is the preferred option, as it makes your code more portable. AUTHOR
Dave Rolsky, <> perl v5.12.1 2009-09-22 Log::Dispatch::Syslog(3)
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