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mail::field::addrlist(3) [osx man page]

Mail::Field::AddrList(3)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  Mail::Field::AddrList(3)

Mail::Field::AddrList - object representation of e-mail address lists INHERITANCE
Mail::Field::AddrList is a Mail::Field SYNOPSIS
use Mail::Field::AddrList; $to = Mail::Field->new('To'); $from = Mail::Field->new('From', ' (Peter Orbaek)'); $from->create('' => 'Mr. Foo', poe => 'Peter'); $from->parse(' (Mr Foo), Peter Orbaek <poe>'); # make a RFC822 header string print $from->stringify()," "; # extract e-mail addresses and names @addresses = $from->addresses(); # strings @names = $from->names(); # strings @addr = $from->addr_list(); # Mail::Address objects (v2.00) # adjoin a new address to the list $from->set_address('', 'Mr. Foo'); DESCRIPTION
Defines parsing and formatting of address field, for the following fields: "To", "From", "Cc", "Reply-To", and "Sender". All the normally used features of the address field specification of RFC2822 are implemented, but some complex (and therefore hardly ever used) constructs will not be inderstood. Use Mail::Message::Field::Full in MailBox if you need full RFC compliance. METHODS
Constructors Mail::Field::AddrList->combine(FIELDS) See "Constructors" in Mail::Field Mail::Field::AddrList->extract(TAG, HEAD [, INDEX ]) See "Constructors" in Mail::Field Mail::Field::AddrList->new(TAG [, STRING | OPTIONS]) See "Constructors" in Mail::Field "Fake" constructors $obj->create(OPTIONS) See ""Fake" constructors" in Mail::Field $obj->parse() See ""Fake" constructors" in Mail::Field Accessors $obj->set(OPTIONS) See "Accessors" in Mail::Field $obj->stringify() See "Accessors" in Mail::Field $obj->tag() Mail::Field::AddrList->tag() See "Accessors" in Mail::Field Smart accessors $obj->addr_list() Returns the collected Mail::Address objects. $obj->addresses() Returns a list if email addresses, found in the field content. $obj->names() Returns a list of nicely formatted named, for each of the addresses found in the content. $obj->set_address(EMAIL, NAME) Add/replace an EMAIL address to the field. $obj->text([STRING]) See "Smart accessors" in Mail::Field DIAGNOSTICS
Error: Undefined subroutine <method> called Mail::Field objects use autoloading to compile new functionality. Apparently, the mehod called is not implemented for the specific class of the field object. SEE ALSO
This module is part of the MailTools distribution, AUTHORS
The MailTools bundle was developed by Graham Barr. Later, Mark Overmeer took over maintenance without commitment to further development. Mail::Cap by Gisle Aas <>. Mail::Field::AddrList by Peter Orbaek <>. Mail::Mailer and Mail::Send by Tim Bunce <>. For other contributors see ChangeLog. LICENSE
Copyrights 1995-2000 Graham Barr <> and 2001-2007 Mark Overmeer <>. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. See perl v5.16.2 2012-08-29 Mail::Field::AddrList(3)
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