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Speech(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						 Speech(3)

Mac::Speech - Provide interface to PlainTalk (Speech Manager) SYNOPSIS
use Mac::Speech; DESCRIPTION
Access to Inside Macintosh is essential for proper use of these functions. Explanations of terms, processes and procedures are provided there. Any attempt to use these functions without guidance can cause severe errors in your machine, including corruption of data. You have been warned. Variables %Voice The %Voice hash will return the index to the first voice whose name matches the given text. Constants kTextToSpeechSynthType kTextToSpeechVoiceType kTextToSpeechVoiceFileType kTextToSpeechVoiceBundleType Speech Types. kNoEndingProsody kNoSpeechInterrupt kPreflightThenPause Synthesizer flags. kImmediate kEndOfWord kEndOfSentence Where to stop. kNeuter kMale kFemale Genders. Types VoiceDescription Voice Description Record. long length size of structure--set by application VoiceSpec voice voice synthesizer and ID info long version version number of voice Str63 name name of voice Str255 comment text information about voice short gender neuter, male, or female short age approximate age in years short script script code of text voice can process short language language code of voice output short region region code of voice output VoiceSpec Voice Specification Record. OSType creator ID of required synthesizer OSType id ID of voice on the synthesizer Functions SpeechManagerVersion CountVoices GetIndVoice INDEX GetVoiceDescription VOICE NewSpeechChannel VOICE DisposeSpeechChannel CHAN SpeakString S SpeakText CHAN, TEXT SpeakBuffer CHAN, TEXT, CONTROLFLAGS StopSpeech CHAN StopSpeechAt CHAN, WHERETOSTOP PauseSpeechAt CHAN, WHERETOPAUSE ContinueSpeech CHAN SpeechBusy SpeechBusySystemWide SetSpeechRate CHAN, RATE GetSpeechRate CHAN SetSpeechPitch CHAN, PITCH GetSpeechPitch CHAN TextToPhonemes CHAN, TEXT SpeechToFile CHAN, PATH Set speech channel CHAN to output to file PATH. AUTHOR
Written by Matthias Ulrich Neeracher <>. Currently maintained by Chris Nandor <>. perl v5.16.2 2013-08-25 Speech(3)

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SPD-SAY(1)							   User Commands							SPD-SAY(1)

spd-say - send text-to-speech output request to speech-dispatcher SYNOPSIS
spd-say [options] "some text" DESCRIPTION
spd-say sends text-to-speech output request to speech-dispatcher process which handles it and ideally outputs the result to the audio sys- tem. OPTIONS
-r, --rate Set the rate of the speech (between -100 and +100, default: 0) -p, --pitch Set the pitch of the speech (between -100 and +100, default: 0) -i, --volume Set the volume (intensity) of the speech (between -100 and +100, default: 0) -o, --output-module Set the output module -l, --language Set the language (iso code) -t, --voice-type Set the preferred voice type (male1, male2, male3, female1, female2, female3, child_male, child_female) -m, --punctuation-mode Set the punctuation mode (none, some, all) -s, --spelling Spell the message -x, --ssml Set SSML mode on (default: off) -e, --pipe-mode Pipe from stdin to stdout plus Speech Dispatcher -P, --priority Set priority of the message (important, message, text, notification, progress; default: text) -N, --application-name Set the application name used to establish the connection to specified string value (default: spd-say) -n, --connection-name Set the connection name used to establish the connection to specified string value (default: main) -w, --wait Wait till the message is spoken or discarded -S, --stop Stop speaking the message being spoken in Speech Dispatcher -C, --cancel Cancel all messages in Speech Dispatcher -v, --version Print version and copyright info -h, --help Print this info ENVIRONMENT
SPEECHD_ADDRESS specifies TCP endpoint where speech-dispatcher is listening and to which spd-say should connect. Has form of <method>:<address>, where <method> is one of unix_socket and inet_socket. The <address> is either path to Unix domain socket if method is unix_socket, of IP address if method is inet_socket. SEE ALSO
speech-dispatcher(1) The full documentation for spd-say is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and spd-say programs are properly installed at your site, the command info spd-say should give you access to the complete manual. spd-say 0.7.1 March 2011 SPD-SAY(1)
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