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mac::morefiles(3) [osx man page]

MoreFiles(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					      MoreFiles(3)

Mac::MoreFiles - Sophisticated file management routines SYNOPSIS
use Mac::MoreFiles; $application = $Application{"MrPL"}; DESCRIPTION
Variables %Application The %Application hash will return the path to the application for a given signature, searching on all mounted volumes. Functions FSpCreateMinimum SPEC Create a new file with no creator or file type. The FSpCreateMinimum function creates a new file without attempting to set the the creator and file type of the new file. This function is needed to create a file in an AppleShare "dropbox" where the user can make changes, but cannot see folder or files. The FSSpec in SPEC is used to create the file. FSpShare SPEC Establish a local volume or directory as a share point. The FSpShare function establishes a local volume or directory as a share point. SPEC is an FSSpec record specifying the share point. FSpUnshare SPEC The FSpUnshare function removes a share point in SPEC. FSpFileCopy SRCSPEC, DSTSPEC, COPYNAME, PREFLIGHT The FSpFileCopy function duplicates a file and optionally renames it. Since the PBHCopyFile() routine is only available on some AFP server volumes under specific conditions, this routine either uses PBHCopyFile(), or does all of the work PBHCopyFile() does. The SRCSPEC is used to determine the location of the file to copy. The DSTSPEC is used to determine the location of the destination directory. If COPYNAME <> NIL, then it points to the name of the new file. FSpDirectoryCopy SRCSPEC, DSTSPEC, PREFLIGHT, [COPYERRHANDLER] Make a copy of a directory structure in a new location. The FSpDirectoryCopy function makes a copy of a directory structure in a new location. COPYERRHANDLER is the Perl routine name to handle an error, should one arise. It will be called as: $bailout = &$COPYERRHANDLER(ERRORCODE,OPERATION,SRCSPEC,DSTSPEC); FSpIterateDirectory SPEC, MAXLEVELS, ITERATEFILTER, YOURDATAPTR Iterate (scan) through a directory's content. The FSpIterateDirectory function performs a recursive iteration (scan) of the specified directory and calls your ITERATEFILTER function once for each file and directory found. The MAXLEVELS parameter lets you control how deep the recursion goes. If MAXLEVELS is 1, FSpIterateDirectory only scans the specified directory; if MAXLEVELS is 2, FSpIterateDirectory scans the specified directory and one subdirectory below the specified directory; etc. Set MAXLEVELS to zero to scan all levels. The YOURDATAPTR parameter can point to whatever data structure you might want to access from within the ITERATEFILTER. Your filter function will be called as: $quit = &$filterFunction(YOURDATAPTR, SPEC); FSpDTGetAPPL VOLUME, CREATOR The FSpDTGetAPPL function finds an application (file type 'APPL') with the specified CREATOR on the specified VOLUME. It first tries to get the application mapping from the desktop database. If that fails, then it tries to find an application with the specified creator using the File Manager's CatSearch() routine. If that fails, then it tries to find an application in the Desktop file. Returns FSSpec or "undef" on failure. FSpDTSetComment SPEC, COMMENT The FSpDTSetComment function sets a file or directory's Finder comment field. The volume must support the Desktop Manager because you only have read access to the Desktop file. FSpDTGetComment SPEC The FSpDTGetComment function gets a file or directory's Finder comment field (if any) from the Desktop Manager or if the Desktop Manager is not available, from the Finder's Desktop file. Returns Str255, or "undef" on failure. FSpDTCopyComment SRCSPEC, DSTSPEC The FSpDTCopyComment function copies the desktop database comment from the source to the destination object. Both the source and the destination volumes must support the Desktop Manager. AUTHOR
Written by Matthias Ulrich Neeracher <>, documentation by Bob Dalgleish <>. Currently maintained by Chris Nandor <>. perl v5.16.2 2013-08-25 MoreFiles(3)
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