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mac::aete::dialect(3) [osx man page]

Mac::AETE::Dialect(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				     Mac::AETE::Dialect(3)

Mac::AETE::Dialect - reads the Macintosh Apple event dictionary from an Applescript dialect file. SYNOPSIS
use Mac::AETE::App; use Mac::AETE::Dialect; use Mac::AETE::Format::Dictionary; $aeut = Dialect->new(); $aeut->read(); $app = App->new("My Application"); $formatter = Dictionary->new; $app->set_format($formatter); $app->read; $app->merge($aeut); $app->write; DESCRIPTION
The data in Dialect objects can be merged into a Parser or App object to make a complete Apple event dictionary. The module will locate the proper AppleScript dialect file in the system folder. See Mac::AETE::Parser and Mac::AETE::App for more details. Methods new Example: use Mac::AETE::Dialect; $app = Dialect->new; read (Inherited from Mac::AETE::Parser.) Reads the data contained in the AETE resource or handle. Example: $app->read; INHERITANCE
Inherits from Mac::AETE::Parser. AUTHOR
David Schooley <> perl v5.10.0 2003-03-31 Mac::AETE::Dialect(3)

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Launch(3)						User Contributed Perl Documentation						 Launch(3)

Mac::Apps::Launch - Mac module to launch /quit applications SYNOPSIS
use Mac::Apps::Launch; my @apps = qw(R*ch Arch MPGP); my $path = "HD:System Folder:Finder"; LaunchApps([@apps], 1) or warn $^E; # launch and switch to front LaunchApps([@apps]) or warn $^E; # launch and don't switch LaunchApps($app, 1) or warn $^E; # launch and switch to front LaunchSpecs($path, 1) or warn $^E; # use path instead of app ID QuitApps(@apps) or warn $^E; # quit all @apps QuitAllApps(@apps) or warn $^E; # quit all except @apps IsRunning('MACS'); # returns boolean for whether # given app ID is running SetFront('MACS') or warn $^E; # set Finder to front Hide('MACS') or warn $^E; # hide Finder Show('Finder', 1) or warn $^E; # show Finder (1 == use name) DESCRIPTION
Simply launch or quit applications by their creator ID. The Finder can be quit in this way, though it cannot be launched in this way. This module is used by many other modules. This module as written does not work with MacPerls prior to 5.1.4r4. "Hide" and "Show" do not currently work on Mac OS X. Apps that don't have signatures under Mac OS X currently aren't handled, except with LaunchSpecs(). "SetFront" and "IsRunning" can take a four-char creator ID ('MACS'), a bundle ID (''), or a path (/System/Library/CoreServices/ They both optionally take a second parameter which affirms that the data is indeed a path (for those rare cases where a path might possibly look like a creator ID or bundle ID ... you never know). "IsRunning" will return the PSN of the application if it is running, which you can then use for targetting the app, or converting to a PID (with "Mac::Processes::GetProcessPID()"), to send signals to it. EXPORT
Exports functions "QuitApps", "QuitAllApps", and "LaunchApps", "IsRunning", "LaunchSpecs", "SetFront", "Hide", "Show". AUTHOR
Chris Nandor <>, Copyright (c) 1999-2005 Chris Nandor. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.16.2 2007-01-03 Launch(3)
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