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isblank_l(3) [osx man page]

ISALNUM_L(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					      ISALNUM_L(3)

isalnum_l, isalpha_l, isblank_l, iscntrl_l, isdigit_l, isgraph_l, ishexnumber_l, isideogram_l, islower_l, isnumber_l, isphonogram_l, isprint_l, ispunct_l, isrune_l, isspace_l, isspecial_l, isupper_l, isxdigit_l -- character classification utilities LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <wctype.h> #include <xlocale.h> int isalnum_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isalpha_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isblank_l(int c, locale_t loc); int iscntrl_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isdigit_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isgraph_l(int c, locale_t loc); int ishexnumber_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isideogram_l(int c, locale_t loc); int islower_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isnumber_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isphonogram_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isprint_l(int c, locale_t loc); int ispunct_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isrune_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isspace_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isspecial_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isupper_l(int c, locale_t loc); int isxdigit_l(int c, locale_t loc); DESCRIPTION
These functions are extended locale versions of the corresponding functions, with the _l removed. Also, see xlocale(3) for more information about extended locales. SEE ALSO
isalnum(3), isalpha(3), isblank(3), iscntrl(3), isdigit(3), isgraph(3), ishexnumber(3), isideogram(3), islower(3), isnumber(3), isphonogram(3), isprint(3), ispunct(3), isrune(3), isspace(3), isspecial(3), isupper(3), isxdigit(3), xlocale(3) BSD
March 11, 2005 BSD

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ISWALNUM_L(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					     ISWALNUM_L(3)

iswalnum_l, iswalpha_l, iswcntrl_l, iswctype_l, iswdigit_l, iswgraph_l, iswlower_l, iswprint_l, iswpunct_l, iswspace_l, iswupper_l, iswxdigit_l, towlower_l, towupper_l, wctype_l, iswblank_l, iswhexnumber_l, iswideogram_l, iswnumber_l, iswphonogram_l, iswrune_l, iswspecial_l, nextwctype_l, towctrans_l, wctrans_l -- wide character classification utilities LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <wctype.h> int iswalnum_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswalpha_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswcntrl_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswctype_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswdigit_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswgraph_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswlower_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswprint_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswpunct_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswspace_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswupper_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswxdigit_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); wint_t towlower_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); wint_t towupper_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); wctype_t wctype_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswblank_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswhexnumber_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswideogram_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswnumber_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswphonogram_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswrune_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); int iswspecial_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); wint_t nextwctype_l(wint_t wc, locale_t loc); wint_t towctrans_l(wint_t wc, wctrans_t, locale_t loc); wctrans_t wctrans_l(const char *, locale_t loc); DESCRIPTION
The above functions are character classification utility functions, for use with wide characters (wchar_t or wint_t) in the locale loc. They behave in the same way as the versions without the _l suffix, but use the specified locale rather than the global or per-thread locale. These functions may be implemented as inline functions in <wctype.h> and as functions in the C library. See the specific manual pages for more information. RETURN VALUES
These functions return the same things as their non-locale versions. If the locale is invalid, their behaviors are undefined. SEE ALSO
iswalnum(3), iswalpha(3), iswblank(3), iswcntrl(3), iswctype(3), iswdigit(3), iswgraph(3), iswhexnumber(3), iswideogram(3), iswlower(3), iswnumber(3), iswphonogram(3), iswprint(3), iswpunct(3), iswrune(3), iswspace(3), iswspecial(3), iswupper(3), iswxdigit(3), nextwctype(3), towctrans(3), towlower(3), towupper(3), wctrans(3), wctype(3) STANDARDS
These functions conform to IEEE Std 1003.1-2008 (``POSIX.1''), except for iswascii_l(), iswhexnumber_l(), iswideogram_l(), iswphonogram_l(), iswrune_l(), iswspecial_l() and nextwctype_l() which are FreeBSD extensions. BSD
July 25, 2012 BSD
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