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FFS(3)							   BSD Library Functions Manual 						    FFS(3)

ffs, ffsl, fls, flsl -- find first or last bit set in a bit string LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <strings.h> int ffs(int i); int ffsl(long i); int fls(int i); int flsl(long i); DESCRIPTION
The ffs() and ffsl() functions find the first bit set in i and return the index of that bit. The fls() and flsl() functions find the last bit set in i and return the index of that bit. Bits are numbered starting from 1, starting at the right-most (least significant) bit. A return value of zero from any of these functions means that the argument was zero. SEE ALSO
bitstring(3) HISTORY
The ffs() function appeared in 4.3BSD. Its prototype existed previously in <string.h> before it was moved to <strings.h> for IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1'') compliance. The ffsl(), fls(), and flsl() functions appeared in FreeBSD 5.3. BSD
January 13, 2004 BSD

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FFS(3)							     Linux Programmer's Manual							    FFS(3)

ffs, ffsl, ffsll - find first bit set in a word SYNOPSIS
#include <strings.h> int ffs(int i); #define _GNU_SOURCE #include <string.h> int ffsl(long int i); int ffsll(long long int i); DESCRIPTION
The ffs() function returns the position of the first (least significant) bit set in the word i. The least significant bit is position 1 and the most significant position is, for example, 32 or 64. The functions ffsll() and ffsl() do the same but take arguments of possibly different size. RETURN VALUE
These functions return the position of the first bit set, or 0 if no bits are set in i. CONFORMING TO
ffs():4.3BSD,POSIX.1-2001. The ffsl() and ffsll() are glibc extensions. NOTES
BSD systems have a prototype in <string.h>. SEE ALSO
memchr(3), feature_test_macros(7) COLOPHON
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2009-08-27 FFS(3)
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