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apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::APR(User Contributed Perl Documentatapache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::APR(3)

APR - Perl Interface for Apache Portable Runtime (libapr and libaprutil Libraries) Synopsis use APR (); Description On load this modules prepares the APR enviroment (initializes memory pools, data structures, etc.) You don't need to use this module explicitly, since it's already loaded internally by all "APR::*" modules. Using APR modules outside mod_perl 2.0 You'd use the "APR::*" modules outside mod_perl 2.0, just like you'd use it with mod_perl 2.0. For example to get a random unique string you could call: % perl -MAPR::UUID -le 'print APR::UUID->new->format' See Also mod_perl 2.0 documentation. Copyright mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Authors The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors. perl v5.16.2 2011-02-07 apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::APR(3)

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APR::BucketAlloc - Perl API for Bucket Allocation Synopsis use APR::BucketAlloc (); $ba = APR::BucketAlloc->new($pool); $ba->destroy; Description "APR::BucketAlloc" is used for bucket allocation. "new" Create an "APR::BucketAlloc" object: $ba = APR::BucketAlloc->new($pool); class: "APR::BucketAlloc" arg1: $pool ( "APR::Pool object" ) The pool used to create this object. ret: $ba ( "APR::BucketAlloc object" ) The new object. since: 2.0.00 This bucket allocation list (freelist) is used to create new buckets (via "APR::Bucket->new") and bucket brigades (via "APR::Brigade->new"). You only need to use this method if you aren't running under httpd. If you are running under mod_perl, you already have a bucket allocation available via "$c->bucket_alloc" and "$bb->bucket_alloc". Example: use APR::BucketAlloc (); use APR::Pool (); my $ba = APR::BucketAlloc->(APR::Pool->pool); my $eos_b = APR::Bucket::eos_create($ba); "destroy" Destroy an "APR::BucketAlloc object": $ba->destroy; arg1: $ba ( "APR::BucketAlloc object" ) The freelist to destroy. ret: no return value since: 2.0.00 Once destroyed this object may not be used again. You need to destroy $ba only if you have created it via "APR::BucketAlloc->new". If you try to destroy an allocation not created by this method, you will get a segmentation fault. Moreover normally it is not necessary to destroy allocators, since the pool which created them will destroy them during that pool's cleanup phase. See Also mod_perl 2.0 documentation. Copyright mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Authors The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors. perl v5.18.2 2install::TempContent::Objects::mod_perl-2.0.9::docs::api::APR::BucketAlloc(3)
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