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apache2::resource(3) [osx man page]

apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::ApacUser:Contributed Papache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::Apache2::Resource(3)

Apache2::Resource - Limit resources used by httpd children Synopsis PerlModule Apache2::Resource # set child memory limit in megabytes # default is 64 Meg PerlSetEnv PERL_RLIMIT_DATA 32:48 # linux does not honor RLIMIT_DATA # RLIMIT_AS (address space) will work to limit the size of a process PerlSetEnv PERL_RLIMIT_AS 32:48 # set child cpu limit in seconds # default is 360 seconds PerlSetEnv PERL_RLIMIT_CPU 120 PerlChildInitHandler Apache2::Resource Description "Apache2::Resource" uses the "BSD::Resource" module, which uses the C function "setrlimit" to set limits on system resources such as memory and cpu usage. Any "RLIMIT" operation available to limit on your system can be set by defining that operation as an environment variable with a "PERL_" prefix. See your system "setrlimit" manpage for available resources which can be limited. The following limit values are in megabytes: "DATA", "RSS", "STACK", "FSIZE", "CORE", "MEMLOCK"; all others are treated as their natural unit. If the value of the variable is of the form "S:H", "S" is treated as the soft limit, and "H" is the hard limit. If it is just a single number, it is used for both soft and hard limits. Defaults To set reasonable defaults for all RLIMITs, add this to your httpd.conf: PerlSetEnv PERL_RLIMIT_DEFAULTS On PerlModule Apache2::Resource See Also BSD::Resource(3), setrlimit(2) Copyright mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Author Doug MacEachern perl v5.16.2 2011-0apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::Apache2::Resource(3)

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apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::ApacUser:Contributed Perl Dapache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::Apache2::MPM(3)

Apache2::MPM - Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information Synopsis use Apache2::MPM (); # check whether Apache MPM is threaded if (Apache2::MPM->is_threaded) { do_something() } # which mpm is used my $mpm = lc Apache2::MPM->show; # query mpm properties use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(:mpmq); if (Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_STATIC)) { ... } Description "Apache2::MPM" provides the Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information. API
"Apache2::MPM" provides the following functions and/or methods: "query" Query various attributes of the MPM my $query = Apache2::MPM->query($const); obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" ) the class name arg1: $const ( "Apache2::Const :mpmq group constant" ) The MPM attribute to query. ret: $query ( boolean ) the result of the query since: 2.0.00 For example to test whether the mpm is static: use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(MPMQ_STATIC); if (Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_STATIC)) { ... } "is_threaded" Check whether the running Apache MPM is threaded. my $is_threaded = Apache2::MPM->is_threaded; obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" ) the class name ret: $is_threaded ( boolean ) threaded or not since: 2.0.00 Note that this functionality is just a shortcut for: use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(MPMQ_IS_THREADED); my $is_threaded = Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_IS_THREADED); "show" What mpm is used my $mpm = Apache2::MPM->show(); obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" ) the class name ret: $mpm ( string ) the name of the MPM. e.g., "Prefork". since: 2.0.00 See Also mod_perl 2.0 documentation. Copyright mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Authors The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors. perl v5.16.2 2011-02-07 apache_mod_perl-108~358::mod_perl-2.0.7::docs::api::Apache2::MPM(3)
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