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Apache2::Build(3)					User Contributed Perl Documentation					 Apache2::Build(3)

Apache2::Build - Methods for locating and parsing bits of Apache source code SYNOPSIS
use Apache2::Build (); my $build = Apache2::Build->new; # rebuild mod_perl with build opts from the previous build % cd modperl-2.0 % perl -MApache2::Build -e rebuild DESCRIPTION
This module provides methods for locating and parsing bits of Apache source code. Since mod_perl remembers what build options were used to build it, you can use this knowledge to rebuild it using the same options. Simply chdir to the mod_perl source directory and run: % cd modperl-2.0 % perl -MApache2::Build -e rebuild If you want to rebuild not yet installed, but already built mod_perl, run from its root directory: % perl -Ilib -MApache2::Build -e rebuild METHODS
new Create an object blessed into the Apache2::Build class. my $build = Apache2::Build->new; dir Top level directory where source files are located. my $dir = $build->dir; -d $dir or die "can't stat $dir $! "; find Searches for apache source directories, return a list of those found. Example: for my $dir ($build->find) { my $yn = prompt "Configure with $dir ?", "y"; ... } inc Print include paths for MakeMaker's INC argument to "WriteMakefile". Example: use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; use Apache2::Build (); WriteMakefile( 'NAME' => 'Apache2::Module', 'VERSION' => '0.01', 'INC' => Apache2::Build->new->inc, ); module_magic_number Return the MODULE_MAGIC_NUMBER defined in the apache source. Example: my $mmn = $build->module_magic_number; httpd_version Return the server version. Example: my $v = $build->httpd_version; otherldflags Return other ld flags for MakeMaker's dynamic_lib argument to "WriteMakefile". This might be needed on systems like AIX that need special flags to the linker to be able to reference mod_perl or httpd symbols. Example: use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; use Apache2::Build (); WriteMakefile( 'NAME' => 'Apache2::Module', 'VERSION' => '0.01', 'INC' => Apache2::Build->new->inc, 'dynamic_lib' => { 'OTHERLDFLAGS' => Apache2::Build->new->otherldflags, }, ); AUTHOR
Doug MacEachern perl v5.16.2 2011-12-25 Apache2::Build(3)

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Apache2::MPM - Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information Synopsis use Apache2::MPM (); # check whether Apache MPM is threaded if (Apache2::MPM->is_threaded) { do_something() } # which mpm is used my $mpm = lc Apache2::MPM->show; # query mpm properties use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(:mpmq); if (Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_STATIC)) { ... } Description "Apache2::MPM" provides the Perl API for accessing Apache MPM information. API
"Apache2::MPM" provides the following functions and/or methods: "query" Query various attributes of the MPM my $query = Apache2::MPM->query($const); obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" ) the class name arg1: $const ( "Apache2::Const :mpmq group constant" ) The MPM attribute to query. ret: $query ( boolean ) the result of the query since: 2.0.00 For example to test whether the mpm is static: use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(MPMQ_STATIC); if (Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_STATIC)) { ... } "is_threaded" Check whether the running Apache MPM is threaded. my $is_threaded = Apache2::MPM->is_threaded; obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" ) the class name ret: $is_threaded ( boolean ) threaded or not since: 2.0.00 Note that this functionality is just a shortcut for: use Apache2::Const -compile => qw(MPMQ_IS_THREADED); my $is_threaded = Apache2::MPM->query(Apache2::Const::MPMQ_IS_THREADED); "show" What mpm is used my $mpm = Apache2::MPM->show(); obj: $class ( "Apache2::MPM class" ) the class name ret: $mpm ( string ) the name of the MPM. e.g., "Prefork". since: 2.0.00 See Also mod_perl 2.0 documentation. Copyright mod_perl 2.0 and its core modules are copyrighted under The Apache Software License, Version 2.0. Authors The mod_perl development team and numerous contributors. perl v5.18.2 2015-install::TempContent::Objects::mod_perl-2.0.9::docs::api::Apache2::MPM(3)
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