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ZPRINT(1)						      General Commands Manual							 ZPRINT(1)

zprint - show information about kernel zones SYNOPSIS
zprint [-w] [-s] [-c] [-h] [-t] [-d] [-p <pid>][name] DESCRIPTION
zprint(1) displays data about Mach zones. By default, zprint will print out information about all Mach zones. If the optional name is specified, zprint will print information about each zone for which name is a substring of the zone's name. zprint interprets the following options: -c (Default) zprint prints zone info in columns. Long zone names are truncated with '$', and spaces are replaced with '.', to allow for sorting by column. Pageable and collectible zones are shown with 'P' and 'C' on the far right. Zones with preposterously large maximum sizes are shown with '----' in the max size and max num elts fields. -h (Default) Shows headings for the columns printed with the -c option. It may be useful to override this option when sorting by col- umn. -s zprint sorts the zones, showing the zone wasting the most memory first. -w For each zone, zprint calculates how much space is allocated but not currently in use, the space wasted by the zone. -t For each zone, zprint calculates the total size of allocations from the zone over the life of the zone. -d Display deltas over time, showing any zones that have achieved a new maximum current allocation size during the interval. If the total allocation sizes are being displayed for the zones in question, it will also display the deltas if the total allocations have doubled. -p <pid> Display zone usage related to the specified process id. Each zone will display standard columns and the amount of memory from that zone associated with a given process. The letter "A" in the flags column indicates that this total is being accounted to the process. Otherwise, the total is an indication of the influence the process has on the kernel, but the memory is being accounted to the kernel proper. Any option (including default options) can be overridden by specifying the option in upper-case; for example, -C overrides the (default) option -c. 02/12/09 ZPRINT(1)

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ldns-compare-zones(1)					      General Commands Manual					     ldns-compare-zones(1)

ldns-compare-zones - read and compare two zonefiles and print differences SYNOPSIS
ldns-compare-zones [-c] [-i] [-d] [-z] [-s] ZONEFILE1 ZONEFILE2 DESCRIPTION
ldns-compare-zones reads two DNS zone files and prints number of differences. Output is formated to: +NUM_INS -NUM_DEL ~NUM_CHG The major comparison is based on the owner name. If an owner name is present in zonefile 1, but not in zonefile 2, the resource records with this owner name are considered deleted, and counted as NUM_DEL. If an owner name is present in zonefile 2, but not in zonefile 1, the resource records with this owner name are considered inserted, and counted as NUM_INS. If an owner name is present in both, but there is a difference in the amount or content of the records, these are considered changed, and counted as NUM_CHG. OPTIONS
-c Print resource records whose owner names are in both zone files, but with different resource records. (a.k.a. changed) -i Print resource records whose owner names are present only in ZONEFILE2 (a.k.a. inserted) -d Print resource records whose owner names are present only in ZONEFILE1 (a.k.a. deleted) -a Print all changes. Specifying this option is the same as specifying -c -i amd -d. -z Suppress zone sorting; this option is not recommended; it can cause records to be incorrectly marked as changed, depending of the nature of the changes. -s Do not exclude the SOA record from the comparison. The SOA record may then show up as changed due to a new serial number. Off by default since you may be interested to know if (other zone apex elements) have changed. -h Show usage and exit -v Show the version and exit AUTHOR
Written by Ondej Sury <> for CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o. (czech domain registry) REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to <>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2005 CZ.NIC, z.s.p.o.. This is free software. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. 17 Oct 2007 ldns-compare-zones(1)
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