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x11meta(1) [osx man page]

X11META(1)						      General Commands Manual							X11META(1)

x11meta - output metafile graphics to X11 SYNOPSIS
x11meta [ -c | -r ] file .. DESCRIPTION
X11meta reads each metafile file in sequence and sends it to the default X window system. If the option c is specified, the input files are only conditioned for output, ie. expanded and sorted (see pexpand and psort). If the option r is instead specified, the input is assumed already to be conditioned. If no input files are specified, the standard input is read. -c Condition the input only. -r Input is already conditioned, output only. EXAMPLE
To plot the chart bgraph example.plt | x11meta FILES
see pexpand(1) and psort(1) AUTHOR
Greg Ward SEE ALSO
bgraph(1), cv(1), igraph(1), meta2bmp(1), meta2tga(1), metafile(5), pexpand(1), psmeta(1), psort(1) X11META(1)
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