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vers_string(1) [osx man page]

VERS_STRING(1)						      General Commands Manual						    VERS_STRING(1)

vers_string - produce version identification string SYNOPSIS
vers_string [ -[c | f | l] ] PROGRAM DESCRIPTION
Vers_string outputs a string made up of the SGS version name, the current user's login identifier, and the current time and date. Vers_string may only be used within an SGS project. The output of vers_string has the following format: PROGRAM:prog PROJECT:proj&vers DEVELOPER:bob BUILT:Thu Dec 31 ... prog is the com- mand line argument PROGRAM, proj&vers is the name of the SGS version root, and bob is the user who built this version. If the -c option is used, the output is formed as a C declaration for the global character array SGS_VERS. If the -l option is used, the output is formed like the -c option, but "PROGRAM" is replaced with "LIBRARY" and the declaration is static. If the -f option is used, the output is simply the program name and suffixed with the current version number of the SGS version root. Vers_string is typically used within makefiles with a rule like: vers.c: ${OBJS} vers_string -c ${PROGRAM} >vers.c 5 July 1987 VERS_STRING(1)

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lp-shell(1)						      General Commands Manual						       lp-shell(1)

lp-shell - Open an interactive launchpadlib shell. SYNOPSIS
lp-shell [-a] [-cPROGRAM] [--python] [--ipython] [service] [LP API version] DESCRIPTION
lp-shell opens an interactive Python shell with a launchpadlib.Launchpad object "lp" which is ready for use. It authenticates against Launchpad with the consumer name "udt-lp-shell". When using lp-shell with the -a option it will use the anonymous login from launchpadlib.Launchpad. By default lp-shell connects to the "production" Launchpad service using the "1.0" LP API version. If you want to connect to another Launchpad service, call lp-shell with the service name as the second argument. lp-shell supports all ser- vices known by launchpadlib Python module. Currently known are (list can be incomplete or outdated): "production", "staging", "dogfood". A different LP API version can be selected by passing the API version to use as the third argument. Current supported are: "beta", "1.0" and "devel". OPTIONS
-a Login anonymously into Launchpad. -c PROGRAM Don't enter a shell but only run the specified Python program and exit. --ipython Use an ipython shell if available (default). --python Use a regular python shell. AUTHORS
lp-shell was written by Martin Pitt <>. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or (at your option) any later version. lptools 27 March 2010 lp-shell(1)
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