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vers_string(1) [osx man page]

VERS_STRING(1)						      General Commands Manual						    VERS_STRING(1)

vers_string - produce version identification string SYNOPSIS
vers_string [ -[c | f | l] ] PROGRAM DESCRIPTION
Vers_string outputs a string made up of the SGS version name, the current user's login identifier, and the current time and date. Vers_string may only be used within an SGS project. The output of vers_string has the following format: PROGRAM:prog PROJECT:proj&vers DEVELOPER:bob BUILT:Thu Dec 31 ... prog is the com- mand line argument PROGRAM, proj&vers is the name of the SGS version root, and bob is the user who built this version. If the -c option is used, the output is formed as a C declaration for the global character array SGS_VERS. If the -l option is used, the output is formed like the -c option, but "PROGRAM" is replaced with "LIBRARY" and the declaration is static. If the -f option is used, the output is simply the program name and suffixed with the current version number of the SGS version root. Vers_string is typically used within makefiles with a rule like: vers.c: ${OBJS} vers_string -c ${PROGRAM} >vers.c 5 July 1987 VERS_STRING(1)

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TAU_PROFILE_SET_NODE - Informs the measurement system of the node id SYNOPSIS
The TAU_PROFILE_SET_NODE macro sets the node identifier of the executing task for profiling and tracing. Tasks are identified using node, context and thread ids. The profile data files generated will accordingly be named profile.<node>.<context>.<thread>. Note that it is not necessary to call TAU_PROFILE_SET_NODE when using the TAU MPI wrapper library. EXAMPLE
C/C++ : int main (int argc, char **argv) { int ret, i; pthread_attr_t attr; pthread_t tid; TAU_PROFILE_TIMER(tautimer,"main()", "int (int, char **)", TAU_DEFAULT); TAU_PROFILE_START(tautimer); TAU_PROFILE_INIT(argc, argv); TAU_PROFILE_SET_NODE(0); /* ... */ TAU_PROFILE_STOP(tautimer); return 0; } Fortran : PROGRAM SUM_OF_CUBES integer profiler(2) / 0, 0 / save profiler INTEGER :: H, T, U call TAU_PROFILE_INIT() call TAU_PROFILE_TIMER(profiler, 'PROGRAM SUM_OF_CUBES') call TAU_PROFILE_START(profiler) call TAU_PROFILE_SET_NODE(0) ! This program prints all 3-digit numbers that ! equal the sum of the cubes of their digits. DO H = 1, 9 DO T = 0, 9 DO U = 0, 9 IF (100*H + 10*T + U == H**3 + T**3 + U**3) THEN PRINT "(3I1)", H, T, U ENDIF END DO END DO END DO call TAU_PROFILE_STOP(profiler) END PROGRAM SUM_OF_CUBES SEE ALSO
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