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ubcontrol(1) [osx man page]

ubcontrol(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					      ubcontrol(1)

ubcontrol -- control some operations of iCloud Documents. SYNOPSIS
ubcontrol --reset ubcontrol --loglevel level ubcontrol --diagnose DESCRIPTION
The ubcontrol utility provides a way to control certain options of ubd, the Documents in the Cloud daemon. Options: --reset backups the shared files and folders to a separate location for deletion or later inspection, and resets ubd. Everything will get re-downloaded from the cloud. --loglevel level changes the log level from 0-7, corresponding to levels defined in syslog.h. --diagnose gathers iCloud diagnostic information to help investigate Documents in the Cloud issues. SEE ALSO
ubd(8) Darwin June 2, 2019 Darwin

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CARDDAVD(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					       CARDDAVD(8)

carddavd -- Darwin Address Book Server Control Interface SYNOPSIS
carddavd [-hX] [-u username] [-g groupname] [-T twistd] [-f carddavd.plist] DESCRIPTION
carddavd is a front end to the Darwin Address Book Server. The Darwin Address Book Server is a web server which implements the HTTP, WebDAV, WebDAV ACL, and CardDAV protocols. carddavd is a simple tool for starting the server. OPTIONS
-h Displays usage information -X Starts the server but does not daemonize it. -u username Drops privileges to the given username. -g groupname Drops privileges to the given groupname. -f carddavd.plist Specifies the path of the configuration file to read. -T twistd Specifies the path to the twistd binary. FILES
/etc/carddavd/carddavd.plist The Address Book Server configuration file. It is an XML property list specifying server options such as the port to bind to, whether to use SSL, and the names of other configuration files. /etc/carddavd/server.pem PEM-format server keys for use with SSL. /Library/AddressBookServer/Documents The server's document root, which is used as the backing store for the HTTP resources on the server. /var/log/carddavd/access.log The server's access log file, in a format similar to Apache HTTPd's access log. /var/log/carddavd/error.log The server's main log file. /var/run/ The server's process ID file. /usr/share/carddavd Server implementation and support files. SEE ALSO
caldavd(8), httpd(8), serveradmin(8) STANDARDS
carddavd complies with draft-ietf-vcarddav-carddav (CardDAV), RFC 2518 (WebDAV) and RFC 3744 (WebDAV ACL). HISTORY
carddavd was first introduced as part of Darwin 10 and Mac OS 10.6. BUGS
This version of carddavd is still in development and testing. BSD
April 20, 2009 BSD
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