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ubcontrol(1) [osx man page]

ubcontrol(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					      ubcontrol(1)

ubcontrol -- control some operations of iCloud Documents. SYNOPSIS
ubcontrol --reset ubcontrol --loglevel level ubcontrol --diagnose DESCRIPTION
The ubcontrol utility provides a way to control certain options of ubd, the Documents in the Cloud daemon. Options: --reset backups the shared files and folders to a separate location for deletion or later inspection, and resets ubd. Everything will get re-downloaded from the cloud. --loglevel level changes the log level from 0-7, corresponding to levels defined in syslog.h. --diagnose gathers iCloud diagnostic information to help investigate Documents in the Cloud issues. SEE ALSO
ubd(8) Darwin June 2, 2019 Darwin

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ROLLLOG(1p)						User Contributed Perl Documentation					       ROLLLOG(1p)

rolllog - DNSSEC-Tools utility to write messages to the DNSSEC rollover log file SYNOPSIS
rolllog -loglevel <level> <log_message> DESCRIPTION
The rolllog program writes log messages to the DNSSEC rollover log file. rolllog does not actually write the messages itself; rather, it sends them to the rollerd rollover daemon to write the messages. rollerd keeps track of a logging level, and only messages of that level or higher are written to the log file. OPTIONS
The following options are recognized: -loglevel level Logging level of this message. The valid levels are defined in This option is required. -help Display a usage message. -Version Displays the version information for rolllog and the DNSSEC-Tools package. COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2006-2012 SPARTA, Inc. All rights reserved. See the COPYING file included with the DNSSEC-Tools package for details. AUTHOR
Wayne Morrison, SEE ALSO
rollctl(8), rollerd(8) perl v5.14.2 2012-06-21 ROLLLOG(1p)
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