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TX(1)								   User Commands							     TX(1)

tx - A command line interface for Transifex SYNOPSIS
tx [options] command [cmd_options] DESCRIPTION
This is the Transifex command line client which allows you to manage your translations locally and sync them with the master Transifex server. If you'd like to check the available commands issue `tx help` or if you just want help with a specific command issue `tx help com- mand`. OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -q, --quiet don't print status messages to stdout -r ROOT_DIR, --root=ROOT_DIR change root directory (default is cwd) --traceback print full traceback on exceptions --disable-colors disable color output AUTHOR
Written for Debian by Janos Guljas <>. Transifex January 2011 TX(1)

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GHI(1)							      General Commands Manual							    GHI(1)

ghi - command-line interface to the GitHub Issues API SYNOPSIS
ghi command [arguments] [options] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the ghi command. ghi is a command-line interface to the GitHub Issues API. It can be used to access all of GitHub's documented Issues API (v2) functionality from the command line: open, close and manipulate issues. If no command is given, the default action is list. If a number is given instead, the default action is show. COMMANDS
list [ -s open|closed|all ] Show open, closed or all issues (choose with -s, see below). Default is open. show number Show issue number. This command can be invoked also as ghi <number>. open [ number ], o [ number ] Create a new issue, and launch $EDITOR. If number is given, reopens that issue. open -m message, o -m message Create a new issue with message content (optionally, use for new lines; first line will be the issue title). close number, c number Closes issue number. edit number, e number Edit issue number with $EDITOR. label add|remove label number Add or remove label to/from issue number. You can use al or rl instead of, respectively, label add and label remove. search term, s term Search for term. comment number, m number Create a comment for issue number (with $EDITOR). OPTIONS
-h, --help Show summary of options. -v, --verbose Show issue details (only for show, list and search commands). Default is false. -V, --version Show program's version number and exit. -s STATE, --state=STATE Specify state (only for list and search (except "all") commands). Choices are: open (o), closed (c), all (a). Default is open. -r REPO, --repo=REPO, --repository=REPO Specify a repository. The format: "user/repo" or just "repo" (latter will get the user from the global git config). -w, --web, --webbrowser Show issue(s) GitHub page in web browser (only for list and show commands). Default is false. AUTHOR
github-cli was written by Sander Smits <>. This manual page was written by David Paleino <>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). April 13, 2010 GHI(1)
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