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TRACE(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  TRACE(1)

trace -- configure and record kernel trace events SYNOPSIS
trace -h trace -i [-b numbufs] trace -g trace -d [-a pid | -x pid] trace -r trace -n trace -e [-c class [-p class] [-s subclass]] [-a pid | -x pid] [-k code | -k code | -k code | -k code] trace -E [-c class [-p class] [-s subclass]] [-a pid | -x pid] [-k code | -k code | -k code | -k code] executable_path [optional args to executable] trace -t [-R rawfile] [-o OutputFilename] [-N] [ExtraCodeFilename1 ExtraCodeFilename2 ...] DESCRIPTION
The trace command allows developers to initialize and configure the kernel trace subsystem. Trace events can be recorded to an in-memory buf- fer, or logged directly to a file. Raw data files can later be decoded to a plaintext format. SEE ALSO
fs_usage(1), sc_usage(1), latency(1), top(1) Mac OS X October 28, 2010 Mac OS X

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TRACE-CMD-HIST(1)														 TRACE-CMD-HIST(1)

trace-cmd-hist - show histogram of events in trace.dat file SYNOPSIS
trace-cmd hist [OPTIONS][input-file] DESCRIPTION
The trace-cmd(1) hist displays a histogram form from the trace.dat file. Instead of showing the events as they were ordered, it creates a histogram that can be displayed per task or for all tasks where the most common events appear first. It uses the function tracer and call stacks that it finds to try to put together a call graph of the events. OPTIONS
-i input-file By default, trace-cmd hist will read the file trace.dat. But the -i option open up the given input-file instead. Note, the input file may also be specified as the last item on the command line. -P To compact all events and show the call graphs by ignoring tasks and different PIDs, add the -P to do so. Instead of showing the task name, it will group all chains together and show "<all pids>". SEE ALSO
trace-cmd(1), trace-cmd-record(1), trace-cmd-report(1), trace-cmd-start(1), trace-cmd-stop(1), trace-cmd-extract(1), trace-cmd-reset(1), trace-cmd-split(1), trace-cmd-listen(1) AUTHOR
Written by Steven Rostedt, <[1]> RESOURCES
git:// COPYING
Copyright (C) 2010 Red Hat, Inc. Free use of this software is granted under the terms of the GNU Public License (GPL). NOTES
1. 06/11/2014 TRACE-CMD-HIST(1)
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