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synopsis(1) [osx man page]

SYNOPSIS(1)							   User Commands						       SYNOPSIS(1)

synopsis - simple frontend to the Synopsis framework, a multi-language source code introspection tool that provides a variety of represen- tations for the parsed code, to enable further processing such as documentation extraction, reverse engineering, and source-to-source translation. DESCRIPTION
Usage : synopsis [options] <input files> List of options: -h, --help Display usage summary. -V, --version Display version information. -v --verbose Operate verbosely. -d --debug Operate in debug mode. -P --profile Profile execution. -o <file>, --output=<file> Write output to <file>. -p <lang>, --parser=<lang> Select a parser for <lang>. -Wp,<arg>[,<arg>...] Send <args> to the parser. -t [<markup>] --translate[=<markup>] Translate comments to doc-strings, processing it as <markup> (typical values are 'javadoc' or 'rst'). --cfilter=<filter> Specify a comment filter. --cprocessor=<processor> Specify a comment processor. -Wc,<arg>[,<arg>...] Send <args> to the comment translator. -l Run the linker. -Wl,<arg>[,<arg>...] Send <args> to the linker. --linker=<processor> Link, and invoke <processor>. -f <type>, --formatter=<type> Select a formatter for <type>. -Wf,<arg>[,<arg>...] Send <args> to the formatter. -I <path> Add <path> to list of include paths. -D <macro> Add <macro> to list of predefined macros. -s <directory>, --sxr=<directory> Specify sxr directory. If given, process source cross-references. --probe Probe the specified processor. synopsis version devel (revision unknown) April 2009 SYNOPSIS(1)

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Ns_Thread2(3aolserver)					   AOLserver Library Procedures 				    Ns_Thread2(3aolserver)


Ns_AbsTimedWaitForEvent, Ns_AllocThreadLocalStorage, Ns_BeginDetachedThread, Ns_BeginThread, Ns_BroadcastEvent, Ns_DestroyCriticalSection, Ns_DestroyEvent, Ns_DestroyMutex, Ns_DestroyRWLock, Ns_DestroySemaphore, Ns_EnterCriticalSection, Ns_ExitThread, Ns_GetThread, Ns_GetThrea- dId, Ns_GetThreadLocalStorage, Ns_GetThreadServer, Ns_InitializeCriticalSection, Ns_InitializeEvent, Ns_InitializeMutex, Ns_InitializeR- WLock, Ns_InitializeSemaphore, Ns_LeaveCriticalSection, Ns_LockMutex, Ns_ReadLockRWLock, Ns_ReadUnlockRWLock, Ns_ReleaseSemaphore, Ns_SetEvent, Ns_SetThreadLocalStorage, Ns_SetThreadServer, Ns_TimedWaitForEvent, Ns_UTimedWaitForEvent, Ns_UnlockMutex, Ns_WaitForEvent, Ns_WaitForSemaphore, Ns_WaitForThread, Ns_WaitThread, Ns_WriteLockRWLock, Ns_WriteUnlockRWLock - library procedures SYNOPSIS
#include "ns.h" Ns_AbsTimedWaitForEvent(arg, arg) Ns_AllocThreadLocalStorage(arg, arg) Ns_BeginDetachedThread(arg, arg) Ns_BeginThread(arg, arg) Ns_BroadcastEvent(arg, arg) Ns_DestroyCriticalSection(arg, arg) Ns_DestroyEvent(arg, arg) Ns_DestroyMutex(arg, arg) Ns_DestroyRWLock(arg, arg) Ns_DestroySemaphore(arg, arg) Ns_EnterCriticalSection(arg, arg) Ns_ExitThread(arg, arg) Ns_GetThread(arg, arg) Ns_GetThreadId(arg, arg) Ns_GetThreadLocalStorage(arg, arg) Ns_GetThreadServer(arg, arg) Ns_InitializeCriticalSection(arg, arg) Ns_InitializeEvent(arg, arg) Ns_InitializeMutex(arg, arg) Ns_InitializeRWLock(arg, arg) Ns_InitializeSemaphore(arg, arg) Ns_LeaveCriticalSection(arg, arg) Ns_LockMutex(arg, arg) Ns_ReadLockRWLock(arg, arg) Ns_ReadUnlockRWLock(arg, arg) Ns_ReleaseSemaphore(arg, arg) Ns_SetEvent(arg, arg) Ns_SetThreadLocalStorage(arg, arg) Ns_SetThreadServer(arg, arg) Ns_TimedWaitForEvent(arg, arg) Ns_UTimedWaitForEvent(arg, arg) Ns_UnlockMutex(arg, arg) Ns_WaitForEvent(arg, arg) Ns_WaitForSemaphore(arg, arg) Ns_WaitForThread(arg, arg) Ns_WaitThread(arg, arg) Ns_WriteLockRWLock(arg, arg) Ns_WriteUnlockRWLock(arg, arg) _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
These functions ... SEE ALSO
nsd(1), info(n) KEYWORDS
AOLserver 4.0 Ns_Thread2(3aolserver)
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