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sliceprint(1) [osx man page]


sliceprint - slice documents with long lines. SYNOPSIS
sliceprint [enscript_options] [files] DESCRIPTION
enscript(1) AUTHOR
Markku Rossi <> <> SLICEPRINT
Aug 23, 1996 SLICEPRINT(1)

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DIFFPP(1)							      DIFFPP								 DIFFPP(1)

diffpp - pretty-print diff outputs with GNU enscript SYNOPSIS
diffpp currentfile < diff-file DESCRIPTION
Diffpp converts diff(1)-program's output files to a format suitable to be printed with GNU enscript(1). Program annotates the changes with enscript's special escapes so enscript can highlight the modified portions of the file. All changed and added lines are printed with gray-background, deleted lines are marked with minus (`-') characters; diffpp prints one minus character for each deleted line. EXAMPLES
The easiest way to use diffpp is to use it as an input filter for enscript. If an input filter is specified for enscript it is used to pre-process the incoming data-stream. Filtering does not alter any header strings or file-timestamps which might be printed on enscript headers; only the incoming data is modified. enscript -G2re --filter='rcsdiff %s | diffpp %s' *.c *.h Print the changes between current source files and their latest RCS-versions. enscript -G2re --filter='diff %s~ %s | diffpp %s' *.c *.h Print changes between source files and the corresponding backup-files. SEE ALSO
diff(1), enscript(1) AUTHOR
Markku Rossi <> <> DIFFPP
Jan 29, 1997 DIFFPP(1)
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