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rebase(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 rebase(1)

rebase -- Changes base address of dylibs and bundles SYNOPSIS
rebase [-low_address addr] [-high_address addr] [-arch arch] [-v] file(s) DESCRIPTION
The base address of an image (dylib or bundle) is the preferred address for it to be loaded. By default all images are built with a base address of zero. At runtime, if the preferred memory range is already occupied, dyld will "slide" the image to a new address range. There is a small cost to the slide, as dyld must do some fix ups. The rebase tool takes a list of images and adjust their base address to be non- overlapping. If no low or high address is specified, the a suitable address range is choosen for the architecture. The options are as follows: -low_address addr Force the base address for the first image to be addr (specified in hex). Each subsequent file gets the next available base address. -high_address addr Force the base address for the last image to be such that when that image is loaded it occupies memory up to addr (specified in hex). Each preceeding file gets the previous available base address. -arch arch Only rebase the specified architecture. Other architectures in a universal image are left as is. -v Verbose. Print information about rebasing done. SEE ALSO
ld(1) Darwin June 6, 2006 Darwin

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DLADDR(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						 DLADDR(3)

dladdr -- find the image containing a given address SYNOPSIS
#include <dlfcn.h> int dladdr(const void* addr, Dl_info* info); DESCRIPTION
The dladdr() function queries dyld (the dynamic linker) for information about the image containing the address addr. The information is returned in the structure specified by info. The structure contains at least the following members: const char* dli_fname The pathname of the shared object containing the address. void* dli_fbase The base address (mach_header) at which the image is mapped into the address space of the calling process. const char* dli_sname The name of the nearest run-time symbol with a value less than or equal to addr. void* dli_saddr The value of the symbol returned in dli_sname. The dladdr() function is available only in dynamically linked programs. ERRORS
If an image containing addr cannot be found, dladdr() returns 0. On success, a non-zero value is returned. If the image containing addr is found, but no nearest symbol was found, the dli_sname and dli_saddr fields are set to NULL. SEE ALSO
dyld(3), dlopen(3) HISTORY
The dladdr() function first appeared in the Solaris operating system. AUTHORS
Mac OS X 10.3 incorporated the dlcompat package written by Jorge Acereda <> and Peter O'Gorman <ogor->. In Mac OS X 10.4, dlopen was rewritten to be a native part of dyld. This man page was borrowed from FreeBSD and modified. BUGS
This implementation is almost bug-compatible with the Solaris implementation. The following bugs are present: o Returning 0 as an indication of failure goes against long-standing Unix tradition. BSD
September 24, 2004 BSD
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