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qc2movie(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       qc2movie(1)

qc2movie -- Quartz Composer export tool SYNOPSIS
qc2movie inCompositionPath|repositoryCompositionIdentifier outMoviePath width height duration [--parameterKey1 value1 ...] DESCRIPTION
qc2movie is a tool that exports a Quartz Composer composition into a QuickTime movie by adding a track containing this composition. It is the command line equivalent of exporting a composition for the Quartz Composer application to a QuickTime movie. OPTIONS
inCompositionPath|repositoryCompositionIdentifier specifies which composition you want to export. Ar inCompositionPath is the path to the composition. Ar reposito- ryCompositionIdentifier is the identifier of a composition which lies in the Quartz Composer Repository. outMoviePath specifies movie file path to which the composition will be exported to width defines the width of the export movie height defines the height of the export movie duration defines the length of the export movie [--parameterKey1 value1 ...] passes composition specific parameters through the command line tool to the composition EXAMPLES
-To create a 10 second QuickTime movie containing a Quartz Composer track of the Particle System composition: qc2movie "/Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer Compositions/Particle Systems/Particle System.qtz" ~/ 640 480 10 -To merge two video tracks (30s each) together using an image transition protocol abiding composition (Swing for example) in the Quartz Composer Repository (using its identifier: /swing): qc2movie /swing ~/ 640 480 60 --inputMoviePath1 ~/ --inputMoviePath2 ~/ --duration 2 -To apply an image filter protocol abiding composition to the video track of a movie: qc2movie /colorpencil ~/ 640 480 30 --input ~/ SEE ALSO
pcastaction(1) Mac OS July 9 2007 Mac OS

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.::SWF::VideoStream(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  .::SWF::VideoStream(3pm)

SWF::VideoStream - SWF Video class SYNOPSIS
use SWF::VideoStream; $videostream = new SWF::VideoStream("test.flv"); DESCRIPTION
SWF::VideoStream is a helper class useful for playing videos via SWF applications, either via embedded video data, or controlled by ActionScript. METHODS
$videostream = new SWF::VideoStream($filename) Creates a SWF::VideoStream object. If the file can't be opened the constructor will return an empty object. The filename is not limited to 'flv' extension. $frames = $videostream->getNumFrames() This method returns the number of video-frames of an object of SWF::VideoStream, this works only for embedded streams. In case of error you will get result of -1. $videostream->setDimension(width, height) This method sets width and height for streamed videos, this works only on streamed videos (progressive download or rtmp). $bool = $videostream->hasAudio() A test whether the embedded FLV stream also has audio data. $videostream->setFrameMode($mode) If the mode == SWFVIDEOSTREAM_MODE_AUTO (default) on every SWF movie frame a video frame is added. In SWFVIDEOSTREAM_MODE_MANUAL mode, the user needs to call the nextFrame() method to change the video's frame. This works only with embedded video streams. Does return the previous mode or -1 if an invalid mode was passed. $result = $videostream->nextFrame() Switch to next video frame. Works only with embedded video streams. Returns -1 if an error happend. Here follows some demo code how to use SWF::VideoStream objects (without ActionScript): use SWF qw(:ALL); # to be lazy $movie = new SWF::Movie(); $movie->setRate( 25 ); # $movie->setRate( 5 ); # e.g. 5 for slow motion # here movie set background etc. etc. # $video=new SWF::VideoStream('MyTestVideo.flv'); die if (-1 == $v->getNumFrames()); # abort if something went wrong # $video->setFrameMode(SWF::Constants::SWFVIDEOSTREAM_MODE_MANUAL); $video->seek(1000, 0); # for example only $displayitem = $movie->add($video); # # 250 for a 10 seconds movie part (at rate of 25 per minute) for(my $n = 0; $n < 250; ++$n) { $video->nextFrame(); $movie->nextFrame(); } $movie->save("MyTestVideo.swf",9); # that's all, folks $result = $videostream->seek($frame, $whence) This functions allows seeking $frame in video stream, returning the old video frame position. As value of $whence use one of the following: 0 for seeking from beginning 1 for seeking from current position 2 for seeking from end of file AUTHOR
developers of ming SEE ALSO
SWF, SWF::Action, SWF::Movie, SWF::MovieClip, SWF::Sound, SWF::SoundStream, SWF::Constants perl v5.14.2 2011-10-26 .::SWF::VideoStream(3pm)
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