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PERLEXPERIMENT(1)					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide					 PERLEXPERIMENT(1)

perlexperiment - A listing of experimental features in Perl DESCRIPTION
This document lists the current and past experimental features in the perl core. Although all of these are documented with their appropriate topics, this succinct listing gives you an overview and basic facts about their status. So far I've merely tried to find and list the experimental features and infer their inception, versions, etc. There's a lot of speculation here. Current experiments fork() emulation Introduced in Perl 5.6.1 See also perlfork Weak references Introduced in Perl 5.6.0 Internal file glob Introduced in Perl 5.6.0 Accepted in XXX 64-bit support Introduced in Perl 5.005 Accepted in XXX die accepts a reference Introduced in Perl 5.005 Accepted in Perl XXX Unicode support Introduced in Perl 5.6.0 Accepted in Perl 5.8.0 XXX -Dusemultiplicity -Dusethreads Introduced in Perl 5.6.0 Long Doubles Still Don't Work In Solaris Introduced in Perl 5.7.0 GetOpt::Long Options can now take multiple values at once (experimental) "Getopt::Long" upgraded to version 2.35 Removed in Perl 5.8.8 5.005-style threading Introduced in Perl 5.005 Removed in Perl 5.10 XXX Test::Harness::Straps Removed in Perl 5.10.1 perlcc Introduced in Perl 5.005 Removed in Perl 5.9.0 "our" can now have an experimental optional attribute "unique" Introduced in Perl 5.8.0 Deprecated in Perl 5.10.0 Assertions The "-A" command line switch Introduced in Perl 5.9.0 Removed in Perl 5.9.5 Linux abstract Unix domain sockets Introduced in Perl 5.9.2 See also Socket Pod::HTML2Pod Pod::PXML threads The <:pop> IO pseudolayer See also perlrun The <:win32> IO pseudolayer See also perlrun MLDBM See also perldsc internal functions with M flag See also perlguts lex_start API Introduced in Perl 5.13.7 internal API for %H Introduced in Perl 5.13.7 See also "cophh_" in perlapi. av_create_and_push av_create_and_unshift_one av_create_and_unshift_one PL_keyword_plugin hv_iternext_flags lex_bufutf8 lex_discard_to lex_grow_linestr lex_next_chunk lex_peek_unichar lex_read_space lex_read_to lex_read_unichar lex_stuff_pv lex_stuff_pvn lex_stuff_pvs lex_stuff_sv lex_unstuff parse_fullstmt parse_stmtseq PL_parser->bufend PL_parser->bufptr PL_parser->linestart PL_parser->linestr Perl_signbit pad_findmy sv_utf8_decode sv_utf8_downgrade bytes_from_utf8 bytes_to_utf8 utf8_to_bytes DB module Introduced in Perl 5.6.0 See also perldebug, perldebtut The pseudo-hash data type Introduced in Perl 5.6.0 Lvalue subroutines Introduced in Perl 5.6.0 See also perlsub There is an "installhtml" target in the Makefile. Unicode in Perl on EBCDIC "(?{code})" See also perlre "(??{ code })" See also perlre Backtracking control verbs "(*ACCEPT)" Introduced in: Perl 5.10 See also: "Special Backtracking Control Verbs" in perlre Code expressions, conditional expressions, and independent expressions in regexes The "N" regex character class The "N" character class, not to be confused with the named character sequence "N{NAME}", denotes any non-newline character in a regular expression. Introduced in: Perl 5.12 See also: gv_try_downgrade See also perlintern Experimental Support for Sun Studio Compilers for Linux OS See also perllinux Pluggable keywords See "PL_keyword_plugin" in perlapi for the mechanism. Introduced in: Perl 5.11.2 Accepted features These features were so wildly successful and played so well with others that we decided to remove their experimental status and admit them as full, stable features in the world of Perl, lavishing all the benefits and luxuries thereof. They are also awarded +5 Stability and +3 Charisma. (none yet identified) Removed features These features are no longer considered experimental and their functionality has disappeared. It's your own fault if you wrote production programs using these features after we explicitly told you not to (see perlpolicy). "legacy" The experimental "legacy" pragma was swallowed by the "feature" pragma. Introduced in: 5.11.2 Removed in: 5.11.3 AUTHORS
brian d foy "<>" COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2010, brian d foy "<>" LICENSE
You can use and redistribute this document under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.16.2 2012-10-25 PERLEXPERIMENT(1)
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