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notificationconf(1)					    BSD General Commands Manual 				       notificationconf(1)

notificationconf -- configures how aosnotifyd responds to the NSServerNotificationCenter api SYNOPSIS
notificationconf command [command_args] DESCRIPTION
notificationconf is a utility to configure the push notification client functionality. The functionality is accessed by programs using the NSServerNotification api, and this utility configures options for aosnotifyd that are outside the scope of the api. USAGE
You must specify a command to select a specific function to perform. Each command accepts its own arguments. COMMAND SUMMARY
Here are brief descriptions of all the notificationconf commands: setpass hostname username Configures a password and user name in the keychain that aosnotifyd can use to access a notification server. It prompts for the password. removepass hostname Removes the keychain entry for the specified server usessl hostname Forces the client to use an SSL connection to the specified server. The server must have a certificate the client will validate. nossl hostname Sets the client back to the default state of not using an SSL connection for the specified server. createnode hostname nodename username Creates a node on the server to send notifications using. Before a client can subscribe to notifications with a given name, the server must be configured with a node with a matching name. A user name is specified and the tool prompts for a password. This user must have permissions to create notification nodes on the server. FILES
/usr/bin/notificationconf SEE ALSO
aosnotifyd(8) Mac OS X 12 March 2009 Mac OS X

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calendarserver_monitor_notifications -- Darwin Calendar Server push notification monitor SYNOPSIS
calendarserver_monitor_notifications [--admin username] [--config file] [--host hostname] [--node pubsub-node-name] [--port port-number] [--ssl] [--verbose] [--help] username DESCRIPTION
calendarserver_monitor_notifications is a tool for making sure XMPP push notifications are working properly. Given a username and password it will connect to the calendar server and determine which pubsub node(s) correspond to that user's calendar home, as well as those of any user which has delegated calendar access. Next it will subscribe to those nodes and await notifications, printing them to stdout. An admin- istrator can monitor the push notifications for another user by passing the --admin option. Exit by hitting Control-C. OPTIONS
-a, --admin Authenticate using the credentials of the given administrator. -h, --help Display usage information. -f, --config FILE Use the Calendar Server configuration specified in the given file. Defaults to /etc/caldavd/caldavd.plist. -H, --host HOSTNAME Connect to the specified calendar server. If not passed on the command line, the host name is looked up in the configuration file. -n, --node NODENAME Bypass the auto-discovery of pubsub nodes and specify one explicitly. Useful on calendar servers which don't support the push-trans- ports DAV property. When using this option, the host and port options instead refer to the XMPP server host and port numbers. -p, --port NUMBER Connect to the specified port number. If not passed on the command line, the port number is looked up in the configuration file. -s, --ssl Use https to connect to calendar server (default is http). -v, --verbose Print debugging information. FILES
/etc/caldavd/caldavd.plist The Calendar Server configuration file. SEE ALSO
caldavd(8) BSD
Feb 3, 2011 BSD
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