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MIGRATE(1)                                                    General Commands Manual                                                   MIGRATE(1)

migrate - Database schema migration for SQLAlchemy DESCRIPTION
migrate provides database schema migration for SQLAlchemy. The migrate command is used to work with database schema revisions. All documentation for migrate is available in HTML format under /usr/share/doc/python-migrate/html. SEE ALSO
migrate's homepage at AUTHOR
migrate was written by Evan Rosson <>. The package was taken over by a group of volunteers when Evan had no free time for maintaining it. This manual page was written by Jan Dittberner <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). 2006-12-25 MIGRATE(1)

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prosody-migrator(8)													       prosody-migrator(8)

prosody-migrator - Migrate data between Prosody data stores SYNOPSIS
prosody-migrator is used to move data (user accounts, rosters, vcards, etc.) between different data stores. For example this allows you to migrate data from a file-based store to an SQL database, and vice-versa. Note: the migrator assumes that the destination store is empty. Existing data that conflicts with data in the source store will be over- written! OPTIONS
--config=FILENAME Specify an alternative config file to use. The default is /etc/prosody/migrator.cfg.lua. SOURCE_STORE The name of the store (defined in the config file) to migrate data from. Defaults to 'input'. DESTINATION_STORE The name of the store (also defined in the config file) to migrate data to. Defaults to 'output'. FILES
/etc/prosody/migrator.cfg.lua The migrator config file. SEE ALSO
prosody(8), prosodyctl(8) AUTHOR
Matthew Wild <> Prosody IM 20 April 2014 prosody-migrator(8)
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