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meta2bmp(1) [osx man page]

META2BMP(1)						      General Commands Manual						       META2BMP(1)

meta2bmp - convert metafile to Windows Bitmap (BMP) File SYNOPSIS
meta2bmp [ -c | -r ][ -x width ][ -y height ][ -m minrad ][ -o outname ] file .. DESCRIPTION
Meta2bmp reads each metafile file in sequence and converts it to a compressed, color-mapped BMP file. The result is sent to the standard output (which must be redirected) unless the -o option is used. The argument to the -o option specifies the base file name, to which a page number and ".bmp" is added as a suffix. Note that this option must be present in order to produce more than a single page of output. The default output resolution is 400 by 400, but a different resolution can be given with the -x and -y options. The -m option can be used to set a minimum value for the line radius in pixels. This may be helpful for improving the readability of high resolution output. The default value is 0, which allows lines of one pixel thickness. If the option -c is specified, the input files are only conditioned for output, ie. expanded (see pexpand). This is useful if many copies of the same output is desired. If the option -r is instead specified, the input is assumed already to be conditioned. If no input files are specified, the standard input is read. EXAMPLE
To convert the plots examp1.plt and examp2.plt to 1024x1024 Targa files: bgraph examp1.plt examp2.plt | meta2bmp -o examp -x 1024 -y 1024 FILES
see pexpand(1) and psort(1) AUTHOR
Greg Ward SEE ALSO
bgraph(1), igraph(1), meta2tga(1), pexpand(1), psmeta(1), psort(1), ra_t8(1) RADIANCE
6/24/98 META2BMP(1)

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RA_BMP(1)						      General Commands Manual							 RA_BMP(1)

ra_bmp - convert RADIANCE picture to/from Windows BMP image SYNOPSIS
ra_bmp [ -b ][ -g gamma ][ -e spec ][ -p xr yr xg yg xb yb xw yw ] [ [ input|- [ output ] ] ra_bmp -r [ -g gamma ][ -e +/-stops ] [ [ input|- [ output ] ] DESCRIPTION
Ra_bmp converts between RADIANCE and a Windows BMP image. During forward conversion, the -b option produces 8-bit grayscale output rather than 24-bit RGB. The -g option specifies the exponent used in monitor gamma correction; the default value is 2.2. The -e option specifies a tone-mapping method or exposure compensation. If the argument is one of the special words "auto", "human", or "linear", the image will be tone-mapped with histogram adjustment, human vision simulation, or an averaged linear exposure, respectively. (These words may be abbreviated by one or more letters.) Otherwise, the exposure specification is interpreted as a linear compensation value in integer f- stops, which must be proceeded by a '+' or '-'. The CRT color output primaries may be specified with the -p option. The -r option invokes a reverse conversion, from a Windows BMP image to a RADIANCE picture. Tone-mapping and monitor primaries are not supported for reverse conversion. Ra_bmp can accept 16-bit or color-mapped BMP files on input, but cannot not produce them on output. A hyphen ('-') may be specified to indicate standard input for either forward or reverse conversion so that an output file may be speci- fied. If the BMP input is taken from the standard input or sent to the standard output without tone-mapping, then the scanlines may be reversed from their usual ordering. Reversed scanlines sometimes causes difficulties for programs attempting to interpret the resulting RADIANCE picture or BMP image, which may be rejected or displayed inverted. AUTHOR
Greg Ward SEE ALSO
pfilt(1), ra_ppm(1), ra_pr(1), ra_pr24(1), ra_t8(1), ra_t16(1), ra_tiff(1), ximage(1) RADIANCE
3/25/04 RA_BMP(1)
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