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mecab(1) [osx man page]

MECAB(1)							       MeCab								  MECAB(1)

mecab - manual page for mecab of 0.95pre1 SYNOPSIS
mecab [options] files DESCRIPTION
MeCab: Yet Another Part-of-Speech and Morphological Analyzer Copyright(C) 2001-2007 Taku Kudo Copyright(C) 2004-2006 Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation -r, --rcfile=FILE use FILE as resource file -d, --dicdir=DIR set DIR as a system dicdir -u, --userdic=FILE use FILE as a user dictionary -l, --lattice-level=INT lattice information level (default 0) -D, --dictionary-info show dictionary information and exit -a, --all-morphs output all morphs(default false) -O, --output-format-type=TYPE set output format type (wakati,none,...) -p, --partial partial parsing mode -F, --node-format=STR use STR as the user-defined node format -U, --unk-format=STR use STR as the user-defined unk format -B, --bos-format=STR use STR as the user-defined bos format -E, --eos-format=STR use STR as the user-defined eos format -x, --unk-feature=STR use STR as the feature for unknown word -b, --input-buffer-size=INT set input buffer size (default 8192) -P, --dump-config dump MeCab parameters -C, --allocate-sentence allocate new memory for input sentence -N, --nbest=INT output N best results (default 1) -t, --theta=FLOAT set temparature parameter theta (default 0.75) -o, --output=FILE set the output file name -v, --version show the version and exit. -h, --help show this help and exit. mecab of 0.95pre1 March 2007 MECAB(1)

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RECINS(1)							   User Commands							 RECINS(1)

recins - insert records in a recfile SYNOPSIS
recins [OPTION]... [t TYPE] [-n NUM | -e EXPR | -q STR | -m NUM] [(-f STR -v STR]|[-R RECDATA)]... [FILE] DESCRIPTION
Insert new records in a rec database. -f, --field=STR field name; should be followed by a -v. -v, --value=STR field value; should be preceded by an -f. -r, --record=STR record that will be inserted in the file. --force insert the record even if it is violating record restrictions. --no-external don't use external descriptors. --no-auto don't insert auto generated fields. --verbose give a detailed report if the integrity check fails. -s, --password=STR encrypt confidential fields with the given password. --help print a help message and exit. --version show version and exit. Record selection options: -i, --case-insensitive make strings case-insensitive in selection expressions. -t, --type=TYPE operate on records of the specified type only. -e, --expression=EXPR selection expression. -q, --quick=STR select records with fields containing a string. -n, --number=NUM,... select specific records by position, with ranges. -R, --random=NUM select a given number of random records. If no FILE is specified then the command acts like a filter, getting the data from standard input and writing the result to standard out- put. AUTHOR
Written by Jose E. Marchesi. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to: GNU recutils home page: <> General help using GNU software: <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2010, 2011, 2012 Jose E. Marchesi. License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>. This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. SEE ALSO
The full documentation for recins is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and recins programs are properly installed at your site, the command info recins should give you access to the complete manual. recins 1.4.93 January 2012 RECINS(1)
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