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MACHINE(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						MACHINE(1)

machine -- print machine type SYNOPSIS
The machine command displays the machine type. SEE ALSO
arch(1), make(1) BSD
July 26, 1991 BSD

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SYSTEMD-MACHINE-ID(1)					     systemd-machine-id-setup					     SYSTEMD-MACHINE-ID(1)

systemd-machine-id-setup - Initialize the machine ID in /etc/machine-id SYNOPSIS
systemd-machine-id-setup DESCRIPTION
systemd-machine-id-setup may be used by system installer tools to initialize the machine ID stored in /etc/machine-id at install time with a randomly generated ID. See machine-id(5) for more information about this file. This tool will execute no operation if /etc/machine-id is already initialized. If a valid D-Bus machine ID is already configured for the system the D-Bus machine ID is copied and used to initialize the machine ID in /etc/machine-id. If run inside a KVM virtual machine and a UUID is passed via the -uuid option this UUID is used to initialize the machine ID instead of a randomly generated one. The caller must ensure that the UUID passed is sufficiently unique and is different for every booted instanced of the VM. Similar, if run inside a Linux container environment and a UUID is set for the container this is used to initialize the machine ID. For details see the documentation of the Container Interface[1]. OPTIONS
This tool does not take any options or arguments. EXIT STATUS
On success 0 is returned, a non-zero failure code otherwise. SEE ALSO
systemd(1), machine-id(5), dbus-uuidgen(1) AUTHOR
Lennart Poettering <> Developer NOTES
1. Container Interface systemd 10/07/2013 SYSTEMD-MACHINE-ID(1)
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