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jvisualvm(1)						      General Commands Manual						      jvisualvm(1)

jvisualvm - Java Virtual Machine Monitoring, Troubleshooting, and Profiling Tool SYNOPSIS
jvisualvm [ options ] PARAMETERS
Options, if used, should follow immediately after the command name. Options may be in any order. For a discussion of parameters that apply to a specific option, see OPTIONS below. DESCRIPTION
Java VisualVM is an intuitive graphical user interface that provides detailed information about Java technology-based applications (Java applications) while they are running on a given Java Virtual Machine (JVM(*)). The name Java VisualVM comes from the fact that Java Visu- alVM provides information about the JVM software visually. Java VisualVM combines several monitoring, troubleshooting, and profiling utilities into a single tool. For example, most of the function- ality offered by the standalone tools jmap, jinfo, jstat and jstack have been integrated into Java VisualVM. Other functionalities, such as some of those offered by the JConsole tool, can be added as optional plug-ins. OPTIONS
The following option is possible when you launch Java VisualVM. -J<jvm_option> Pass this <jvm_option> to the JVM software. USAGE
Java VisualVM is useful to Java application developers to troubleshoot applications and to monitor and improve the applications' perfor- mance. Java VisualVM can allow developers to generate and analyse heap dumps, track down memory leaks, perform and monitor garbage collec- tion, and perform lightweight memory and CPU profiling. Plug-ins also exist that expand the functionality of Java VisualVM. For example, most of the functionality of the JConsole tool is available via the MBeans Tab and JConsole Plug-in Wrapper plug-ins. You can choose from a catalog of standard Java VisualVM plug-ins by selecting 'Tools' | 'Plugins' in the Java VisualVM menus. Start Java VisualVM with the following command: % jvisualvm <options> SEE ALSO
For more details about Java VisualVM see the following pages. o Java VisualVM developers' site @ o Java VisualVM in Java SE platform documentation @ (* The terms "Java Virtual Machine" and "JVM" mean a Virtual Machine for the Java platform.) 26 Mar 2008 jvisualvm(1)

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JSVC(1) 						   Apache Commons Daemon project						   JSVC(1)

jsvc - application to launch java daemon SYNOPSIS
jsvc [-jvm JVM name] [-client client JVM] [-server server JVM] [-classpath path] [-cp path] [-java-home directory] [-version] [-help] [-?] [-nodetach] [-debug] [-check] [-user user] [-wait waittime] [-umask mask] [-stop] [-verbose:class|gc|jni] [-outfile /full/path/to/file] [-errfile /full/path/to/file] [-pidfile /full/path/to/file] [-Dproperty=value] [-Xoption] DESCRIPTION
jsvc executes classfile that implements a Daemon interface. OPTIONS
-jvm JVM name use a specific Java Virtual Machine. -client client JVM use a client Java Virtual Machine. -server server JVM use a server Java Virtual Machine. -cp/ -classpath directory and zip/jar files set search path for service classes and resouces -java-home directory set the path of your JDK or JRE installation (or set the JAVA_HOME environment variable) -version show the current Java environment version (to check correctness of -home and -jvm. Implies -nodetach) -help show this help page (implies -nodetach) -nodetach don't detach from parent process and become a daemon -debug verbosely print debugging information -check only check service (implies -nodetach) -stop stop the service using the file given in the -pidfile option -wait waittime wait up to waittime seconds for the service to start waittime should multiple of 10 (min=10) -umask mask sets the file mode creation mask -user user user used to run the daemon (defaults to current user) -verbose[:class|gc|jni] enable verbose output -outfile /full/path/to/file Location for output from stdout (defaults to /dev/null). Use the value '&2' to simulate '1>&2', or 'SYSLOG' to send output to the system log. -errfile /full/path/to/file Location for output from stderr (defaults to /dev/null). Use the value '&1' to simulate '2>&1', or 'SYSLOG' to send output to the system log. -pidfile /full/path/to/file Location for output from the file containing the pid of jsvc (defaults to /var/run/ -D<name>=<value> set a Java system property -X<option> set Virtual Machine specific option AUTHOR
JSVC is part of the Apache Commons Daemon project. Authors are Jean-Frederic Clere, Remy Maucherat, Yoav Shapira, Bill Barker, Mladen Turk. JSVC is released under the Apache License Version 2.0. Jsvc version 1.0.6 08/17/2012 JSVC(1)
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