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javatool(1) [osx man page]

javatool(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       javatool(1)

javatool -- tool used in building older Java software projects DESCRIPTION
This tool is used by the old /Developer/Makefile/pb_makefiles in building older Java software projects. Xcode does not use this tool. This tool should not be used in other contexts since it may be removed from future versions of Mac OS X. Mac OS X June 2, 2019 Mac OS X

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xed(1)							    BSD General Commands Manual 						    xed(1)

xed -- Xcode text editor invocation tool. SYNOPSIS
xed [-xcwrbhv] [-l lineno] [file ...] DESCRIPTION
The xed tool launches the Xcode application and opens the given documents, or opens a new untitled document, optionally with the contents of standard in. OPTIONS
The options for xed are similar to those for the command-line utiltiies for other text editors: -x, --launch Launches Xcode opening a new empty unsaved file, without reading from standard input. -c, --create Creates any files in the file list that do not already exist. If used without --launch, standard input will be read and piped to the last file created. -w, --wait Wait for the files to be closed before exiting. xed will idle in a run loop waiting for a notification from Xcode when each file is closed, and will only terminate when all are closed. This is useful when invoking it from a script. -l, --line <number> Selects the given line in the last file opened. -b, --background Opens Xcode without activating it; the process that invoked xed remains in front. -h, --help Prints a brief summary of usage. -v, --version Prints the version number of xed [file...] A list of file paths. Existing files will be opened; nonexistent files will be created only if the --create flag is passed. If no files are passed, then standard input will be read and piped into a new untitled dcument (unless --launch is passed). If --create and at least one nonexistent file name is passed, the last nonexistent file will be created, filled with the standard input, and opened. HISTORY
xed was introduced in Mac OS X 10.5 with Xcode 3.0. Mac OS June 1, 2019 Mac OS
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