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javaconfig(1) [osx man page]

javaconfig(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					     javaconfig(1)

javaconfig -- get Java configuration information SYNOPSIS
javaconfig [-vendor] key [key ...] DESCRIPTION
This tool is used to retrieve configuration data about the location of Java-related files, for building or running Java projects. The value for the specified key or keys is printed to stdout, with any environment variables such as $HOME expanded. The information is searched for in the following locations, in this order: 1. vendor-specific information in JavaConfiguration user domain 2. non-vendor-specific information in JavaConfiguration user domain 3. vendor-specific information in /System/Library/Java/JavaConfig.plist 4. non-vendor-specific information in /System/Library/Java/JavaConfig.plist The default vendor on Mac OS X is "apple". A different vendor can be specified with a -vendor flag. Typical use of this tool is: javaconfig DefaultClasspath FILES
/System/Library/Java/JavaConfig.plist System-wide Java configuration information. Mac OS X June 2, 2019 Mac OS X

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jinfo(1)						      General Commands Manual							  jinfo(1)

jinfo - configuration info SYNOPSIS
jinfo [ option ] pid jinfo [ option ] executable core jinfo [ option ] [ server-id@ ] remote-hostname-or-IP PARAMETERS
Options are mutually exclusive. Option, if used, should follow immediately after the command name. See OPTIONS below. pid process id for which the configuration info is to be printed. The process must be a Java process. To get a list of Java pro- cesses running on a machine, jps many be used. executable Java executable from which the core dump was produced. core core file for which the configuration info is to be printed. remote-hostname-or-IP remote debug server's (see jsadebugd) hostname or IP address. server-id optional unique id, if multiple debug servers are running on the same remote host. DESCRIPTION
jinfo prints Java configuration information for a given Java process or core file or a remote debug server. Configuration information includes Java System properties and Java virtual machine command line flags. NOTE - This utility is unsupported and may or may not be available in future versions of the J2SE SDK. jinfo is not currently available on Windows platforms or on the Linux Itanium platform. OPTIONS
<no option> prints both command line flags as well as System properties name, value pairs -flags prints command line flags as name, value pairs -sysprops prints JavaSystem properties as name, value pairs -h prints a help message -help prints a help message SEE ALSO
jps(1) jsadebugd(1) 13 June 2004 jinfo(1)
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