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iwidgets::timeentry(1)						  [incr Widgets]					    iwidgets::timeentry(1)


iwidgets::timeentry - Create and manipulate a timeentry widget SYNOPSIS
iwidgets::timeentry pathName ?options? INHERITANCE
itk::Widget <- iwidgets::LabeledWidget <- iwidgets::Timefield <- iwidgets::Timeentry STANDARD OPTIONS
background borderWidth cursor exportSelection foreground highlightColor highlightThickness insertBackground justify relief See the "options" manual entry for details on the standard options. INHERITED OPTIONS
disabledForeground labelBitmap labelFontlabelImage labelMargin labelPos labelText labelVariable state sticky See the "labeledwidget" class manual entry for details on these inherited options. command format seconds textBackground textFont See the "timefield" class manual entry for details on these inherited options. ASSOCIATED OPTIONS
hourRadius hourColor minuteRadius minuteColor pivotRadius pivotColor secondRadius secondColor clockColor clockStipple tickColor watchHeight watchWidth See the "watch" manual entry for details on the associated options. WIDGET-SPECIFIC OPTIONS Name: closeText Class: Text Command-Line Switch: -closetext Specifies the text to be displayed on the close button of the watch popup. The default is Close. Name: grab Class: Grab Command-Line Switch: -grab Specifies the grab level, local or global, to be obtained before bringing up the popup watch. The default is global. For more information concerning grab levels, consult the documentation for Tk's grab command. Name: icon Class: Icon Command-Line Switch: -icon Specifies the watch icon image to be used in the timeentry. This image must have been created previously with the image create com- mand. Should one not be provided, then one will be generated, pixmap if possible, bitmap otherwise. Name: state Class: State Command-Line Switch: -state Specifies the state of the widget which may be disabled or normal. A disabled state prevents selection of the timefield or time icon button. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The iwidgets::timeentry command creates a time entry field with a popup watch by combining the timefield and watch widgets together. This allows a user to enter the time via the keyboard or by using the mouse and selecting the watch icon which brings up a popup watch. METHODS
The iwidgets::timeentry command creates a new Tcl command whose name is pathName. This command may be used to invoke various operations on the widget. It has the following general form: pathName option ?arg arg ...? Option and the args determine the exact behavior of the com- mand. The following commands are possible for timeentry widgets: INHERITED METHODS
get isvalid show See the "timefield" manual entry for details on the associated methods. WIDGET-SPECIFIC METHODS pathName cget option Returns the current value of the configuration option given by option. Option may have any of the values accepted by the iwid- gets::timeentry command. pathName configure ?option? ?value option value ...? Query or modify the configuration options of the widget. If no option is specified, returns a list describing all of the available options for pathName (see Tk_ConfigureInfo for information on the format of this list). If option is specified with no value, then the command returns a list describing the one named option (this list will be identical to the corresponding sublist of the value returned if no option is specified). If one or more option-value pairs are specified, then the command modifies the given widget option(s) to have the given value(s); in this case the command returns an empty string. Option may have any of the values accepted by the iwidgets::timeentry command. COMPONENTS
Name: label Class: Label The label component provides a label component to used to identify the time. See the "label" widget manual entry for details on the label component item. Name: iconbutton Class: Label The iconbutton component provides a labelbutton component to act as a lightweight button displaying the watch icon. Upon pressing the labelbutton, the watch appears. See the "label" widget manual entry for details on the labelbutton component item. Name: time Class: Entry The time component provides the entry field for time input and display. See the "entry" widget manual entry for details on the time component item. EXAMPLE
package require Iwidgets 4.0 iwidgets::timeentry .te pack .te AUTHOR
Mark L. Ulferts KEYWORDS
timeentry, widget Tk iwidgets::timeentry(1)
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