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iwidgets_extbutton(1) [osx man page]

iwidgets::extbutton(1)						  [incr Widgets]					    iwidgets::extbutton(1)


iwidgets::extbutton - Extends the behavior of the Tk button by allowing a bitmap or image to coexist with text. SYNOPSIS
iwidgets::extbutton pathName ?options? INHERITANCE
itk::Widget <- iwidgets::Extbutton STANDARD OPTIONS
activebackground activeforeground bitmap background bd cursor disabledforeground font foreground image justify relief text See the "options" manual entry for details on the standard options. WIDGET-SPECIFIC OPTIONS Name: bitmapforeground Class: Foreground Command-Line Switch: -bitmapforeground Configures the foreground color of the bitmap. Name: command Class: Command Command-Line Switch: -command Associate a command with the extbutton. Simulates a Tk button's -command option. Invoked by either <1> events or by explicitly call- ing the public invoke() method. Name: defaultring Class: DefaultRing Command-Line Switch: -defaultring Boolean describing whether the extbutton displays its default ring given in any of the forms acceptable to Tcl_GetBoolean. The default is false. Name: defaultringpad Class: Pad Command-Line Switch: -defaultringpad Specifies the amount of space to be allocated to the indentation of the default ring ring given in any of the forms acceptable to Tcl_GetPixels. The option has no effect if the defaultring option is set to false. The default is 4 pixels. Name: imagePos Class: Position Command-Line Switch: -imagepos Specifies the image position relative to the message text: n, ne, nw, s, se, sw, w, wn, ws, e, en, or es. The default is w. Name: ringBackground Class: Background Command-Line Switch: -ringbackground Configures the background color of the default ring frame (if -defaultring is set to boolean true). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
The extbutton extends the behavior of the atomic Tk button by allowing text and an image or bitmap to coexist. The user may use the -image or -bitmap options to specify an image as well as the -imagepos option to specify image position relative to the text. Note that the extbutton is not intended to be used without an image/bitmap. There will be an emtpy space next to the text if no image/bitmap is speci- fied. METHODS
The iwidgets::extbutton command creates a new Tcl command whose name is pathName. This command may be used to invoke various operations on the widget. It has the following general form: pathName option ?arg arg ...? INHERITED METHODS
Each of the following methods are inherited from itk::Archetype. See that man page for details. pathName cget pathName component pathName config pathName configure WIDGET-SPECIFIC METHODS pathName invoke Evaluates the command fragment associated with the -command option. pathName flash Simulates the Tk button's flash command. EXAMPLES
package require Iwidgets 4.0 iwidgets::extbutton .eb -text "Bitmap example" -bitmap info -background bisque -activeforeground red -bitmapforeground blue -defaultring 1 -command {puts "Bisque is beautiful"} pack .eb -expand 1 iwidgets::extbutton .eb -text "Image example" -relief ridge -image [image create photo -file $itk::library/../iwidgets/demos/images/clear.gif] -font 9x15bold -background lightgreen -imagepos e -activebackground lightyellow pack .eb -expand 1 AUTHOR
button, pushbutton Tk iwidgets::extbutton(1)
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