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ICECREAM(1)							     icecream							       ICECREAM(1)

icecream - download icecast and shoutcast streams, redirecting all fetched content to stdout and/or to disk at the same time SYNOPSIS
icecream is a lightweight, non-interactive, stream download utility. It connects to icecast and shoutcast servers or direct stream URLs, and redirects all fetched content to stdout and/or to media files on your disk. Listen to the stream piping the output to a stdin-capable media player. Save the stream to a named file or split it into different tracks. It is possible to redirect the stream and save it to disk at the same time. icecream is able to parse pls and m3u playlists, and to download mp3 and ogg direct stream URLs. If the stream is anonymous it will be saved as 'stream-time.mp3', where time is actual timestamp. OPTIONS
-h, --help Print a help message describing all options -q, --quiet Turn off output -v, --verbose Be verbose -t, --tracks Split stream into tracks (if possible) --name=NAME Save the stream to file specified by NAME. Format codes starting with "%" will be replaced. See the date command for valid format codes. --stop=N[units] Stop downloading the stream after N kb/mb/min/songs --user-agent=AGENT Set user-agent header to AGENT --stdout Output stream to stdout (implies -q) --sync Turn syncing on, required for some mpeg players that read from stdin --debug Turn on debugging outputs EXAMPLES
Streaming to mpg123 icecream --stdout | mpg123 - Split stream into different tracks icecream -t Split stream into tracks and play with vlc at the same time icecream -t --stdout | vlc file:/dev/stdin Prepare a 74 minute CD icecream -t --stop 74min Use a filename with today's date as output icecream -q --name 'radio_%Y_%m_%d' --stop 60min BUGS
You are welcome to send bug reports about icecream to our mailing list. Feel free to visit AUTHOR
Written by Gil Megidish <gil at> 1.3 2008-04-28 ICECREAM(1)

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DAEMON(1) Icecream User's Manual ICECREAM DAEMON(1) NAME
iceccd - Icecream daemon SYNOPSIS
iceccd [-n netname] [-m max_processes] [--no-remote] [-w] [-d | --daemonize] [-l logfile] [-s schedulerhost] [-v [v [v]]] [-r | --run-as-user] [-b env-basedir] [-u | --nobody-uid nobodyuid] [--cache-limit MB] [-N hostname] DESCRIPTION
The Icecream daemon has to run on all nodes being part of the Icecream compile cluster. It receives compile jobs and executes them in a ch- root environment. The compile clients send their compile environment the first time they send a job to a particular daemon, so that the en- vironment of the daemon doesn't have to match the one of the client. The daemon also has to run on clients sending compile jobs to the Icecream network. If a node should be able to send compile jobs, but nev- er receive any, start the daemon with the option -m 0. All Icecream daemons need to have contact to the Icecream scheduler which controls the distribution of data between compile nodes. Normally the daemon will automatically find the right scheduler. If this is not the case you can explicitly specify the name of the Icecream network and the host running the scheduler. OPTIONS
-n netname The name of the icecream network the daemon should connect to. There has to be a scheduler running for the network under the same network name. -m max_processes Maximum number of compile jobs started in parallel on machine running the daemon. --no-remote Prevents jobs from other nodes being scheduled on this one. -w -d, --daemonize Detach daemon from shell. -l logfile Name of file where log output is written to. -s scheduler_host Name of host running the scheduler for the network the daemon should connect to. This option might help if the scheduler can't broadcast its presence to the clients due to firewall settings or similar reasons. -v, -vv, -vvv Control verbosity of daemon. The more v the more verbose. -r, --run-as-user Force running the daemon with user rights. Usually you will need to run the daemon with root rights. -b env_basedir Base directory for storing compile environments sent to the daemon by the compile clients. -u, --nobody-uid nobodyuid Id of user nobody. This user id is used when the daemon is dropping privileges. --cache-limit MB Maximum size in Mega Bytes of cache used to store compile environments of compile clients. -N hostname The name of the icecream host on the network. SEE ALSO
icecream, scheduler, iceccd, icemon AUTHOR
Cornelius Schumacher Icecream April 21th, 2005 ICECREAM DAEMON(1)
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