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git-count-objects(1) [osx man page]

GIT-COUNT-OBJECTS(1)						    Git Manual						      GIT-COUNT-OBJECTS(1)

git-count-objects - Count unpacked number of objects and their disk consumption SYNOPSIS
git count-objects [-v] [-H | --human-readable] DESCRIPTION
This counts the number of unpacked object files and disk space consumed by them, to help you decide when it is a good time to repack. OPTIONS
-v, --verbose Report in more detail: count: the number of loose objects size: disk space consumed by loose objects, in KiB (unless -H is specified) in-pack: the number of in-pack objects size-pack: disk space consumed by the packs, in KiB (unless -H is specified) prune-packable: the number of loose objects that are also present in the packs. These objects could be pruned using git prune-packed. garbage: the number of files in object database that are neither valid loose objects nor valid packs size-garbage: disk space consumed by garbage files, in KiB (unless -H is specified) alternate: absolute path of alternate object databases; may appear multiple times, one line per path. Note that if the path contains non-printable characters, it may be surrounded by double-quotes and contain C-style backslashed escape sequences. -H, --human-readable Print sizes in human readable format GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 2.17.1 10/05/2018 GIT-COUNT-OBJECTS(1)

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GIT-UNPACK-OBJECTS(1)                                               Git Manual                                               GIT-UNPACK-OBJECTS(1)

git-unpack-objects - Unpack objects from a packed archive SYNOPSIS
git unpack-objects [-n] [-q] [-r] [--strict] DESCRIPTION
Read a packed archive (.pack) from the standard input, expanding the objects contained within and writing them into the repository in "loose" (one object per file) format. Objects that already exist in the repository will not be unpacked from the packfile. Therefore, nothing will be unpacked if you use this command on a packfile that exists within the target repository. See git-repack(1) for options to generate new packs and replace existing ones. OPTIONS
-n Dry run. Check the pack file without actually unpacking the objects. -q The command usually shows percentage progress. This flag suppresses it. -r When unpacking a corrupt packfile, the command dies at the first corruption. This flag tells it to keep going and make the best effort to recover as many objects as possible. --strict Don't write objects with broken content or links. --max-input-size=<size> Die, if the pack is larger than <size>. GIT
Part of the git(1) suite Git 2.17.1 10/05/2018 GIT-UNPACK-OBJECTS(1)
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