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gdmsetup(1)							   User Commands						       gdmsetup(1)

gdmsetup - GDM Configuration Tool SYNOPSIS
gdmsetup [gnome-std-options] DESCRIPTION
gdmsetup provides a graphical interface that enables you to modify the GDM configuration file, gdm.conf. gdmsetup can only be run as the root user. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: gnome-std-optionStandard options available for use with most GNOME applications. See gnome-std-options(5) for more information. EXTENDED DESCRIPTION
gdmsetup has six tabs: General, Standard greeter, Graphical greeter, Security, Accessibility, and XDMCP. The following sections describe the configuration options that you can edit. The affected gdm.conf section-key pair is listed in parenthe- ses. General o Whether the local greeter program is the Graphical or Standard greeter (daemon - Greeter) o Whether the remote greeter program is the Graphical or Standard greeter (daemon - RemoteGreeter) o Whether to use the 24-hour clock format (greeter - Use24Clock) o Welcome string (greeter - Welcome) o Remote Welcome string (greeter - RemoteWelcome) o Automatic Login selection (daemon - AutomaticLoginEnable) o Automatic Login username (daemon - AutomaticLogin) o Timed Login Selection (daemon - TimedLoginEnable) o Timed Login username (daemon - TimedLogin) o Timed Login delay (daemon - TimedLoginDelay) Standard Greeter o Background image selection as none, image, or color (greeter - BackgroundType) o Background image (greeter - BackgroundImage) o Scale background image to fit (greeter - BackgroundScaleToFit) o Background color (greeter - BackgroundColor) o Only background color on remote displays (greeter - BackgroundRemoteOnlyColor) o Logo image (greeter - Logo) o Show chooseable user images or face browser (greeter - Browser) Graphical Greeter o Theme selection (greeter - GraphicalTheme) o Install new theme o Delete theme Security o Allow root to login with GDM (security - AllowRoot) o Allow root to login remotely with GDM (security - AllowRemoteRoot) o Allow remote timed logins (security - AllowRemoteAutoLogin) o Show actions menu (greeter - SystemMenu) o Allow configuration from the login screen (greeter - ConfigAvailable) o Allow running XDMCP chooser from the login screen (greeter - ChooserButton) o Always disallow TCP connections to Xserver (security - DisallowTCP) Accessibility o Enable accessibility modules (daemon - AddGtkModules) o Make a sound when login window is ready (greeter - SoundOnLogin) o Sound file selection (greeter - SoundOnLogin) XDMCP o Enable XDMCP (xdmcp - Enable o Honor indirect requests (xdmcp - HonorIndirect) o Listen on UDP port (xdmcp - Port) o Maximum pending requests (xdmcp - MaxPending) o Maximum pending indirect requests (xdmcp - MaxPendingIndirect) o Maximum remote sessions (xdmcp - MaxSessions) o Maximum wait time (xdmcp - MaxWait) o Maximum indirect wait time (xdmcp - MaxWaitIndirect) o Displays per host (xdmcp - DisplaysPerHost) o Ping interval in seconds (xdmcp - PingIntervalSeconds) FILES
The following files are used by this application: /usr/bin/gdmsetup Executable for GDM Configuration Tool /usr/sbin/gdmconfig Wrapper script to run gdmsetup, for binary name compatibility /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf Contains GDM configuration and documentation, can be modified by gdmsetup or gdmconfig ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWgnome-display-mgr | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface stability |External | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
Latest version of the GNOME Desktop User Guide for your platform. gdm(1), gdmXnestchooser(1), gdmflexiserver(1), gdmphotosetup(1), gdmthemetester(1), gdm-restart(1m), gnome-std-options(5) NOTES
Written by Brian Cameron, Sun Microsystems Inc., 2004. SunOS 5.10 1 Sep 2004 gdmsetup(1)
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