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drv(1)								    Apple Inc.								    drv(1)

drv - cups driver interface for ppd compiler files SYNOPSIS
drv list drv cat drv:///filename.drv/pcfilename DESCRIPTION
drv lists and compiles PPDC source files installed in the /usr/share/cups/drv and (on Mac OS X) /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources directories on behalf of the scheduler, cupsd(8). The first form of the command lists all of the PPD files that can be produced by the driver information files in the two directories. The second form of the command compiles the requested PPD and sends it to the standard output. SEE ALSO
ppdc(1), ppdhtml(1), ppdi(1), ppdmerge(1), ppdpo(1), ppdcfile(5) http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2008-2009 by Apple Inc. 9 March 2009 CUPS drv(1)

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ppdi(1)                                                             Apple Inc.                                                             ppdi(1)

ppdi - import ppd files SYNOPSIS
ppdi [ -I include-directory ] [ -o source-file ] ppd-file [ ppd-file2 ... ppd-fileN ] DESCRIPTION
ppdi imports one or more PPD files into a PPD compiler source file. Multiple languages of the same PPD file are merged into a single printer definition to facilitate accurate changes for all localizations. The -o option specifies the PPD source file to update. If the source file does not exist, a new source file is created. Otherwise the existing file is merged with the new PPD file(s) on the command-line. If no source file is specified, the filename "ppdi.drv" is used. SEE ALSO
ppdc(1), ppdhtml(1), ppdmerge(1), ppdpo(1), ppdcfile(5) http://localhost:631/help COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007-2011 by Apple Inc. 20 May 2008 CUPS ppdi(1)
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