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DOT_CLEAN(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					      DOT_CLEAN(1)

dot_clean -- Merge ._* files with corresponding native files. SYNOPSIS
dot_clean [-fmnsv] [--keep=[mostrecent|dotbar|native]] [dir ...] DESCRIPTION
For each dir, dot_clean recursively merges all ._* files with their corresponding native files according to the rules specified with the given arguments. By default, if there is an attribute on the native file that is also present in the ._ file, the most recent attribute will be used. If no operands are given, a usage message is output. If more than one directory is given, directories are merged in the order in which they are specified. OPTIONS
-f Flat merge. Do not recursively merge all directories in the given dir. This is off by default. -h Help. Prints verbose usage message. -m Always delete dot underbar files. -n Delete dot underbar file if there is no matching native file. -s Follow symbolic links. This will follow symbolic dot underbar files when they are found. -v Print verbose output. --keep=mostrecent The default option. If an attribute is associated with a data fork, use that. Otherwise, use information stored in the AppleDouble file. Note that the native fork's data is preferred even if the data in the AppleDouble file is newer. --keep=dotbar Always use information stored in the AppleDouble file, replacing any extended attributes associated with the native file. --keep=native Always use the information associated with the data fork, ignoring any AppleDouble files. EXAMPLES
The following is how to do an dot_clean merge on the mounted volume test, always using the dot underbar information. dot_clean --keep=dotbar /Volumes/test DIAGNOSTICS
The dot_clean utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. BUGS
None known. BSD
Sept 27, 2012 BSD

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DBD(1)                                                             Netatalk 2.2                                                             DBD(1)

dbd - CNID database maintenance SYNOPSIS
dbd [-evx] {-d [-i] | -s [-c|-n] | -r [-c|-f] | -u} volumepath DESCRIPTION
dbd can dump, scan, reindex and rebuild Netatalk dbd CNID databases. It must be run with appropiate permissions i.e. as root. dbd -s|-r can be run on active volumes, but dbd -rf, which wipes the db before rebuilding it, checks and enforces that the chosen volume is not in use. COMMANDS
-d Dump CNID database. With -i dump indexes too. -s Scan volume: o Compare CNIDs in database with volume o Test if .AppleDouble directories exist o Test if AppleDouble files exist o Report orphaned AppleDouble files o Report directories inside .AppleDouble directories o Check name encoding by roundtripping, log on error o Check for orphaned CNIDs in database (requires -e) o Open and close adouble files Options: -c Don't check .AppleDouble stuff, only check orphaned. -n Don't open CNID database, skip CNID checks, only traverse filesystem -r Rebuild volume. With -f wipe database and rebuild from CNIIDs stored in AppleDouble files. o Sync CNIDSs from database with volume o Ensure .AppleDouble directories exist o Ensure AppleDouble files exist o Delete orphaned AppleDouble files o Report directories inside .AppleDouble directories o Check name encoding by roundtripping, log on error o Delete orphaned CNIDs in database (requires -e) o Open and close adouble files Options: -c Don't create .AppleDouble stuff, only cleanup orphaned. -f Wipe database and rebuild from IDs stored in AppleDouble files, only available for volumes without nocnidcache option. Implies -e. -u Upgrade: Opens the database which triggers any necessary upgrades, then closes and exits. OPTIONS
-e Only work on inactive volumes and lock them (exclusive) -x Rebuild indexes (just for completeness, mostly useless!) -v verbose WARNING
In order to be able to run -rf reconstructing the CNIDs in the database from the AppleDouble files, make sure you've run a -r rebuild sometimes before, where the CNIDs then would have been synched between database and AppleDouble files. Also be careful about the option nocnidcache. Avoid this option if at all possible, because if prevents you from being able to use -f. CNID BACKGROUND
The CNID backends maintains name to ID mappings. If you change a filename outside afpd(8) (shell, samba), the CNID db will not know and not reflect that change. Netatalk tries to recover from such inconsistencies as gracefully as possible. The mechanisms to resolve such inconsistencies may fail sometimes, though, as this is not an easy task to accomplish. E.g. if several names in the path to the file or directory have changed, things may go wrong. If you change a lot of filenames at once, chances are higher that the afpds fallback mechanisms fail, i.e. files will be assigned new IDs, even though the file hasn't changed. SEE ALSO
cnid_metad(8), cnid_dbd(8) Netatalk 2.2 12 Oct 2010 DBD(1)
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