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bspatch(1) [osx man page]

BSPATCH(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						BSPATCH(1)

bspatch -- apply a patch built with bsdiff(1) SYNOPSIS
bspatch <oldfile> <newfile> <patchfile> DESCRIPTION
bspatch generates <newfile> from <oldfile> and <patchfile> where <patchfile> is a binary patch built by bsdiff(1). bspatch uses memory equal to the size of <oldfile> plus the size of <newfile>, but can tolerate a very small working set without a dramatic loss of performance. SEE ALSO AUTHORS
Colin Percival <> FreeBSD May 18, 2003 FreeBSD

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CLIT(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   CLIT(1)

clit - program to manipulate Microsoft Reader .LIT files SYNOPSIS
1. clit [options] litfile.lit subdir/ 2. clit [options] oldfile.lit newfile.lit 3. clit [options] oldfile.lit newfile.lit inscription DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the clit command. ConvLIT is a program to convert Microsoft Reader format eBooks [LIT] into an open format. clit supports three modes of operation: 1. Explosion: expanding a LIT file into an OEBPS compliant package, that is the original XML / HTML source. 2. Downconverting: converts to DRM1 format, also known as sealing the LIT file. 3. Inscribing: similar to #2, this adds a label, or inscription, to the ebook to mark that it belongs to you. OPTIONS
A summary of options is included below. For a complete description, run the program without any arguments. -d Disable creating multiple subdirectories. -h Show summary of options. -k /path/to/keys.txt The DRM5 key file is assumed to be called keys.txt and located in the current directory. If not, use this option to instruct Con- vLIT where to find the key file. AUTHOR
ConvLIT was written by Dan A. Jackson <>. This manual page was written by Joe Nahmias <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). March 23, 2008 CLIT(1)
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