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bsdiff(1) [osx man page]

BSDIFF(1)                                                   BSD General Commands Manual                                                  BSDIFF(1)

bsdiff -- generate a patch between two binary files SYNOPSIS
bsdiff <oldfile> <newfile> <patchfile> DESCRIPTION
bsdiff compares <oldfile> to <newfile> and writes to <patchfile> a binary patch suitable for use by bspatch(1). When <oldfile> and <newfile> are two versions of an executable program, the patches produced are on average a factor of five smaller than those produced by any other binary patch tool known to the author. bsdiff uses memory equal to 17 times the size of <oldfile>, and requires an absolute minimum working set size of 8 times the size of oldfile. SEE ALSO
bspatch(1) AUTHORS
Colin Percival <> FreeBSD May 18, 2003 FreeBSD

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RREDTOOL(1)							     REPREPRO							       RREDTOOL(1)

rredtool - merge or apply a very restricted subset of ed patches SYNOPSIS
rredtool --help rredtool [ options ] --merge patches... rredtool [ options ] --patch file-to-patch patches... rredtool directory newfile oldfile mode DESCRIPTION
rredtool is a tool to handle a subset of ed patches in a safe way. It is especially targeted at ed patches as used in Packages.diff and Sources.diff. Is also has a mode supposed to be called from reprepro as Index Hook to generate and update a Packages.diff/Index file. MODI
One of the following has to be given, so that rredtool know that to do. --version Print the version of this tool (or rather the version of reprepro which it is coming with). --help Print a short overview of the modi. --patch The first argument of rredtool is the file to patch, the other arguments are ed patches to apply on this one. --merge The arguments are treated as ed patches, which are merged into a single one. --reprepro-hook (or no other mode flag) Act as reprepro index hook to manage a Packages.diff/index file. That means it expects to get exactly 4 arguments and writes the names of files to place into filedescriptor 3. If neither --patch nor --merge is given, this mode is used, so you can just put DebIndices: Packages Release . .gz /usr/bin/rredtool into reprepro's conf/distributions file to have a Packages.diff directory generated. (Note that you have to generate an uncom- pressed file (the single dot). You will need to have patch, gzip and gunzip available in your path.) OPTIONS
--debug Print intermediate results or other details that might be interesting when trying to track down bugs in rredtool but not intresting otherwise. --max-patch-count=count When generating a Packages.diff/Index file, put at most count patches in it (not counting possible apt workaround patches). -o|--output Not yet implemented. ENVIRONMENT
TMPDIR, TEMPDIR temporary files are created in $TEMPDIR if set, otherwise in $TMPDIR if set, otherwise in /tmp/. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs or wishlist requests the Debian BTS (e.g. by using reportbug reperepro) or directly to <>. COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2009 Bernhard R. Link This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICU- LAR PURPOSE. reprepro 2009-11-12 RREDTOOL(1)
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