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AVCONVERT(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					      AVCONVERT(1)

avconvert -- movie conversion tool SYNOPSIS
avconvert [-hvq] --p <preset_name> --s <source_media> --o <output_movie> DESCRIPTION
avconvert can be used to compress video media to different types for sharing on the web or loading onto devices. -h prints usage information and available presets -v sets the console output to verbose -q sets the console output to quiet -prog shows progress during the export (default with -v) -p | --preset name converts the source media to an output file using the specified preset. Use --listPresets to get the full list. Common presets are: PresetAppleM4VCellular PresetAppleM4ViPod PresetAppleM4VWiFi PresetAppleM4VAppleTV PresetAppleM4V480pSD PresetAppleM4V720pHD PresetAppleM4V1080pHD PresetAppleM4A -s | --source file is the source media file -o | --output file is the output movie file --listPresets lists all of the presets avconvert supports --listTracks lists the available tracks in the source media. Must be used with the --source flag OPTIONS
Optional flags to configure the audio export settings -adr number a limit value for the data rate for the audio track in bits per second -af fourCC sets the format of the audio output using a fourCC eg. aac -sr number configures the sample rate of the output in Hertz. eg. 44100 -cc number is the channel count of the output eg. 1 (for mono) 2 (stereo) 4 (quad) Optional flags to configure the video export settings -vdr number a limit value for the video data rate in bits per second -th number sets the height of the output video in pixels -tw number sets the width of the output video in pixels -vc fourCC sets the format of the video output using a fourCC eg. avc1 -fr number sets the frame rate of the output video in frames per second -kr number specifies how often keyframes appear in the output video -fr yes | no sets whether or not to enable frame reordering (b-frames) Optional flags configuring track and metadata output -ot name omits the listed track type from the exported movie Allowable track types are: videoTrack audioTrack subtitleTrack chapterTrack thumbnailTrack closedcaptionTrack textTrack -md file sets the file from which the metadata for the export is found if that is different from the source movie EXAMPLES
avconvert --listPresets Lists the available presets that can be used for export avconvert --preset AppleM4ViPod --source --output ipod_movie.m4v Exports the source movie "" to "ipod_movie.m4v" using the iPod encoding preset avconvert --preset AppleM4VAppleTV --source --output appletv_movie.m4v -adr 128000 -sr 441000 Overrides the AppleTV defaults for audio data rate and sample rate in the output movie avconvert --preset AppleM4VAppleTV --source --output appletv_movie.m4v -ot audioTrack Omits the audio track from the output file "appletv_movie.m4v" HISTORY
avconvert command first appeared in Mac OS X 10.7. Mac OS X December 14, 2011 Mac OS X

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qc2movie(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 					       qc2movie(1)

qc2movie -- Quartz Composer export tool SYNOPSIS
qc2movie inCompositionPath|repositoryCompositionIdentifier outMoviePath width height duration [--parameterKey1 value1 ...] DESCRIPTION
qc2movie is a tool that exports a Quartz Composer composition into a QuickTime movie by adding a track containing this composition. It is the command line equivalent of exporting a composition for the Quartz Composer application to a QuickTime movie. OPTIONS
inCompositionPath|repositoryCompositionIdentifier specifies which composition you want to export. Ar inCompositionPath is the path to the composition. Ar reposito- ryCompositionIdentifier is the identifier of a composition which lies in the Quartz Composer Repository. outMoviePath specifies movie file path to which the composition will be exported to width defines the width of the export movie height defines the height of the export movie duration defines the length of the export movie [--parameterKey1 value1 ...] passes composition specific parameters through the command line tool to the composition EXAMPLES
-To create a 10 second QuickTime movie containing a Quartz Composer track of the Particle System composition: qc2movie "/Developer/Examples/Quartz Composer Compositions/Particle Systems/Particle System.qtz" ~/ 640 480 10 -To merge two video tracks (30s each) together using an image transition protocol abiding composition (Swing for example) in the Quartz Composer Repository (using its identifier: /swing): qc2movie /swing ~/ 640 480 60 --inputMoviePath1 ~/ --inputMoviePath2 ~/ --duration 2 -To apply an image filter protocol abiding composition to the video track of a movie: qc2movie /colorpencil ~/ 640 480 30 --input ~/ SEE ALSO
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