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AMLINT(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 AMLINT(1)

amlint -- check Automator actions for problems SYNOPSIS
amlint [-HhSs] [-d definition-bundle] [-x exception-file] action ... DESCRIPTION
amlint checks the given Automator actions for various problems and interface inconsistencies. action is the path of a built action bundle. The options are as follows: -H Print the filename for each error or warning. -h Suppress the prefixing of filenames when multiple actions are checked. -S For each action, write a summary line indicating how many errors and warnings there were. -s As -S, but skips the summary line for actions with no errors or warnings. -d definition-bundle Specify a definition bundle, which specifies custom action input and output types. This option may be repeated if you need to specify more than one bundle. -x exception-file Specify a list of errors and warnings to ignore. The file should be plain text, with one line per error: the action filename, a colon, space, and the text of the error. For example: My Action.action: error: NSButton "OK" should not use the metal style. You can simply copy an output line from amlint -H. RETURN VALUES
amlint exits with one of the following values: 0 no serious errors were found. 1 an error was found in one of the checked actions. >1 an internal error occurred. BUGS
Because of a bug in nibtool(1), amlint will fail to work on some nibs. You will see errors about the ``old-style plist parser'' if this hap- pens. Mac OS X December 9, 2005 Mac OS X

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DtActionLabel(library call)											       DtActionLabel(library call)

DtActionLabel -- get the localizable label string for an action SYNOPSIS
#include <Dt/Action.h> char *DtActionLabel( char *actionName); DESCRIPTION
The DtActionLabel function provides access to the localizable label string associated with an action named actionName. The actionName argu- ment is the name of the action. The localizable label string is the string that all components should display to identify the action. If the action definition does not specify a label string, the action name itself is returned. The label string associated with an action is localizable, but the action name is not. If there are multiple actionName actions, the label string returned is the label associated with the most general action. The most general action is the one with the lowest precedence, as described in dtactionfile(4) (``Action Selection''). RETURN VALUE
Upon successful completion, the DtActionLabel function returns a newly allocated copy of the localizable label string associated with the action if an action named actionName is found; otherwise, it returns NULL. It is up to the caller to free the memory associated with this new copy of the label. The default value for an action label is the action name itself. APPLICATION USAGE
All applications displaying action names should use the action label to identify an action. SEE ALSO
Dt/Action.h - DtAction(5), dtactionfile(4), dtdtfile(4). DtActionLabel(library call)
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