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afplay(1) [osx man page]

AFPLAY(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 AFPLAY(1)

afplay -- Audio File Play SYNOPSIS
afplay [-h] audiofile DESCRIPTION
Audio File Play plays an audio file to the default audio output OPTIONS
-h print help text Darwin February 13, 2007 Darwin

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afInitFileFormat - initialize file format of an audio file setup SYNOPSIS
#include <audiofile.h> void afInitFileFormat(AFfilesetup setup, int fileFormat); PARAMETERS
setup is a valid file setup created by afNewFileSetup(3). fileFormat is an integer constant specifying a file format. DESCRIPTION
Given an AFfilesetup structure created with afNewFileSetup(3), afInitFileFormat initializes the file format to that specified by fileFormat. The following file formats are currently supported: AF_FILE_RAWDATA raw audio data AF_FILE_AIFF Audio Interchange File Format AF_FILE_AIFFC Audio Interchange File Format AIFF-C AF_FILE_NEXTSND NeXT .snd/Sun .au AF_FILE_WAVE Microsoft RIFF WAVE AF_FILE_BICSF Berkeley/IRCAM/CARL Sound File AF_FILE_AVR Audio Visual Research AF_FILE_IFF_8SVX Amiga IFF/8SVX AF_FILE_SAMPLEVISION Sample Vision AF_FILE_VOC Creative Voice File AF_FILE_NIST_SPHERE NIST SPHERE AF_FILE_CAF Core Audio Format ERRORS
afInitFileFormat can produce the following errors: AF_BAD_FILESETUP setup represents an invalid file setup. AF_BAD_FILEFMT fileFormat represents an unknown file format. AF_BAD_NOT_IMPLEMENTED fileFormat represents a file format which is not currently implemented. SEE ALSO
afNewFileSetup(3) AUTHOR
Michael Pruett <> Audio File Library 0.3.6 03/06/2013 AFINITFILEFORMAT(3)
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