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ACYCLIC(1)						      General Commands Manual							ACYCLIC(1)

acyclic - make directed graph acyclic SYNOPSIS
acyclic [ -nv? ] [ -o outfile ] [ file ] DESCRIPTION
acyclic is a filter that takes a directed graph as input and outputs a copy of the graph with sufficient edges reversed to make the graph acyclic. The reversed edge inherits all of the attributes of the original edge. The optional file argument specifies where the the input graph is stored; by default, the program reads from stdin. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -n No output is produced, though the return value will indicate whether the graph is acyclic or not. -v Print information about whether the file is acyclic, has a cycle or is undirected. -o outfile causes the output to be written to the specified file; by default, output is written to stdout. -? option causes the program to print usage information. RETURN CODES
acyclic returns 0 if the graph is acyclic; 1 if the graph has a cycle; 2 if the graph is undirected; and 255 if there are any errors. BUGS
If the graph is strict and there is a cycle of length 2, the attributes of the reversed edge are lost. Some edge attributes are non-symmetric, referring to either the head or tail node. At present, there is no mechanism or convention for cor- rectly switching or renaming these. AUTHORS
Stephen C. North <> Emden R. Gansner <> SEE ALSO
gc(1), dot(1), gvpr(1), gvcolor(1), ccomps(1), sccmap(1), tred(1), libgraph(3) 21 March 2001 ACYCLIC(1)

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SCCMAP(1)                                                     General Commands Manual                                                    SCCMAP(1)

sccmap - extract strongly connected components of directed graphs SYNOPSIS
sccmap [-dsv] [ -ooutfile ] [ files ] DESCRIPTION
sccmap decomposes digraphs into strongly connected components and an auxiliary map of the relationship between components. In this map, each component is collapsed into a node. The resulting graphs are printed to standard out. The number of nodes, edges and strongly con- nected components are printed to standard error. sccmap is a way of partitioning large graphs into more manageable pieces. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -d Preserve degenerate components of only one node. -s Do not print the resulting graphs. Only the statistics are important. -S Just print the resulting graphs. No statistics are printed. -ooutput Prints output to the file output. If not given, sccmap uses stdout. -v Generate additional statistics. In particular, sccmap prints the number of nodes, edges, connected components, and strongly con- nected components, followed by the fraction of nodes in a non-trivial strongly connected components, the maximum degree of the graph, and fraction of non-tree edges in the graph. OPERANDS
The following operand is supported: files Names of files containing 1 or more graphs in dot format. If no files operand is specified, the standard input will be used. DIAGNOSTICS
sccmap emits a warning if it encounters an undirected graph, and ignores it. AUTHORS
Stephen C. North <> Emden R. Gansner <> SEE ALSO
gc(1), dot(1), acyclic(1), gvpr(1), gvcolor(1), ccomps(1), tred(1), libgraph(3) 21 March 2001 SCCMAP(1)
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