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queue_init(9r) [osf1 man page]

queue_init(9r)															    queue_init(9r)

queue_init - General: Initializes the specified queue SYNOPSIS
void queue_init( queue_t queue_pointer ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to a queue_entry structure. This structure contains a links member that specifies a queue_entry structure. This struc- ture contains a generic doubly linked list (queue). DESCRIPTION
The queue_init routine initializes the specified queue. Kernel modules call this routine prior to calling select_enqueue to initialize the links member of the sel_queue data structure. This member specifies a queue_entry structure. This structure contains a generic doubly linked list (queue). RETURN VALUES
Kernel routines: select_enqueue(9r) Data Structures: sel_queue(9s) queue_init(9r)

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strqget(9r)															       strqget(9r)

strqget - General: Obtains information about a queue SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/stream.h> int strqget( queue_t *queue_pointer, qfields_t what, unsigned char pri, long *val ); ARGUMENTS
Specifies a pointer to the queue for which you want to obtain information. The typedef queue_t is an alternate name for struct queue_entry *. Specifies which member of the queue structure to return information about. The valid values are specified in the qfields enumerated data type. See the DESCRIPTION section for the definition of this enumerated data type. Specifies the priority of the request. Specifies the value for the requested member. DESCRIPTION
The strqget routine gives modules and drivers a way to obtain information about a queue or a particular band of a queue without directly accessing STREAMS data structures. The values that can be returned are defined in the following enumerated data type: typedef enum qfields { QHIWAT = 0, QLOWAT = 1, QMAXPSZ = 2, QMINPSZ = 3, QCOUNT = 4, QFIRST = 5, QLAST = 6, QFLAG = 7, QBAD = 8 } qfields_t; RETURN VALUES
Upon successful completion, strqget returns the value 0 (zero). On failure, strqget returns an error number. SEE ALSO
Routines: strqset(9r) strqget(9r)
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