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dxdevices(8X)															     dxdevices(8X)

dxdevices - Windows interface for device configuration SYNOPSIS
/usr/tcb/bin/dxdevices DESCRIPTION
The dxdevices interface program provides control over the device assignment database and the terminal control database. You can use dxde- vices to assign security attributes to terminals and X displays. In order to invoke dxdevices, you must be the root user. dxdevices supports the following functions: Allows you to add, modify, or remove a device. Parameters specified per device override any system-wide defaults that you have specified. Currently terminals and X displays can be added to your secure configuration. Allows you to specify the system-wide default device control parameters. FILES
Specifies the command path. System Default database. Terminal Control database. Device Assignment database. Bookreader help file. SEE ALSO
Commands: dxaccounts(8), dxaudit(8X) dxdevices(8X)

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convauth(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       convauth(8)

convauth - convert security authorization databases into database format SYNOPSIS
/usr/tcb/bin/convauth [-O] [-d dblist] [-q] [-r] [-u uid] [-v] [-H] FLAGS
-d dblist Specifies which databases to convert. Choose one or more of the letters d, f, p, t, or v. d - /etc/auth/system/default to /etc/auth/system/default.db f - /etc/auth/system/files to /etc/auth/system/files.db p - /tcb/files/auth/?/* to /tcb/files/auth.db and /var/tcb/files/auth.db t - /etc/auth/system/ttys to /etc/auth/system/ttys.db v - /etc/auth/system/devassign to /etc/auth/system/devassign.db If no -d option is given, the default database list is as though -d pt were specified. -q Suppresses non-error output. -r Keeps all migrated user-profile entries in /tcb/files/auth.db rather than /var/tcb/files/auth.db. -u uid Specifies the minimum general user UID. User-profile entries with uids lower than this value (default 100) are written to the /tcb/files/auth.db file, and profile entries with UIDs greater than or equal to this value are written to the /var/tcb/files/auth.db file. -v Gives more verbose messages. -O Reverts from *.db files to old-style databases. Not allowed for auth.db. -H Prints a help messages and exits with no further processing. DESCRIPTION
The convauth utility is used to convert existing ASCII system authorization database files to database format for faster access and updates. In the case of the ttys and user-profile data, this greatly improves the performance of login when using enhanced security. The convauth utility is executed by update installation scripts. EXAMPLES
The default conversion done to convert the user profiles and terminals information: # convauth The same conversion explicitly showing the default databases and general user UID assumptions: # convauth -d tp -u 100 Conversion of only the device assignment data: # convauth -d v RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: convuser(8), edauth(8), authck(8) Files: authcap(4), prpasswd(4), ttys(4), default(4), devassign(4), files(4) Security delim off convauth(8)
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