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smsd(8) 						      System Manager's Manual							   smsd(8)

smsd - The SysMan Station daemon SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/smsd OPTIONS
Runs smsd as a daemon. This creates a separate process and redirects output to the smsd log files. DESCRIPTION
The SysMan Station is a client-server application consisting of a daemon (smsd) and the SysMan Station graphical user interface (sys- man_station(8)). The SysMan Station provides the ability to monitor and manage a single system or a TruCluster system. The smsd server is responsible for gathering system management data from the host and presenting that information to the SysMan Station client. SysMan Station management data is collected from the following sources: Desktop Management (DMI) - software related management data Common Hardware - hardware related management data Event Management (EVM) - event data SMS data files - SMS configuration data RESTRICTIONS
You must have root privileges to run this command. EXAMPLES
The following example shows how to run the System Management Station daemon: /sbin/init.d/smsd start FILES
The SysMan Station daemon The directory containing SysMan Station data files SysMan Station log files SEE ALSO
Commands: sysman_station(8) System Administration smsd(8)

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sysman_station(8)					      System Manager's Manual						 sysman_station(8)

sysman_station - Graphical interface for the SysMan Station SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/sysman -station [hostname] [-display display] OPTIONS
Specifies the display screen on which sysman_station displays its window. If the display option is not specified, sysman_station uses the display screen specified by your DISPLAY environment variable. The display option has the format hostname:server.number. The default is :0.0. For more information, see the X(1X) reference page. The name of the host or cluster member to connect to. If this argument is not specified, it defaults to the current system. DESCRIPTION
The SysMan Station is a client-server application consisting of a daemon (smsd(8)) and the SysMan Station graphical user interface (sys- man_station). The SysMan Station monitors and manages a single system or a TruCluster system. The SysMan Station client runs on the operating system and can also be run locally on a PC or from a web browser. See the following exam- ples. Online help is available for the SysMan Station application. To get help, click on any Help button. RESTRICTIONS
You must have root privileges to perform most tasks with this application. You can grant root privileges for specific users or groups of users using the Division of Privileges (DOP) application. See the dop(8) reference page and the on-line help in the sysman dopconfig appli- cation for additional information. EXAMPLES
To run the SysMan Station client on a system: /usr/sbin/sysman -station For details on installing and running the SysMan Station client on a PC or running directly from a web browser, go to the following loca- tion in a web browser: http://your_machine_name:2301/SYSMAN/index.html SEE ALSO
Commands: sysman(8) smsd(8) System Administration sysman_station(8)
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