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ln05rof(8) [osf1 man page]

ln03rof(8)						      System Manager's Manual							ln03rof(8)

ln03rof, ln05rof, ln06rof, ln07rof, ln08rof, ln09of, ln14of, ps_level1of, ps_level2of - ASCII to PostScript translation filter SYNOPSIS
/usr/lbin/ln03rof [-n login] [-h host] [-w pagewidth] [...] [accounting_file] OPTIONS
Specifies the host name of the job owner. Specifies the amount of indentation. Specifies the page length in lines. Specifies the login name of the job owner Selects the output tray where the printed job will be deposited. Refer to the lpr(1) reference page for more infor- mation. Specifies the page width in columns. If the value is greater than 80 the filter will switch to landscape printing. Selects the input paper tray that supplies paper for the print job. The tray names are printer dependent. Refer to the lpr(1) reference page for more information. Prints the job in a way specified by the sides variable. The available options are: Print only on one side of the sheet. Prints on both sides of the sheet. Prints the page in the way specified by the orientation variable. The available options are: The printed output is parallel to the short side of the page. The printed output is parallel to the long side of the page. Specifies the size of the paper. The available sizes are: letter or A4. This switch is specified after the filter specification in the /etc/printcap file. For example: :if=/usr/lbin/ln03rof -Sa4: The default value is letter. OPERANDS Specifies the file in which accounting information will be recorded. DESCRIPTION
The ln03rof and related filters translate ASCII to PostScript, handles the device dependencies of a PostScript printer and performs some accounting functions. PostScript printers print documents formatted in the PostScript page description language only. The ln03rof_isolatin1 and ln03rof_decmcs filters are alternatives to ln03rof and affect how ASCII documents are printed. They cause the encoding for ISO Latin1 or DEC MCS to be used instead of the Adobe Standard Encoding. The ln03rof filter will not translate PostScript documents. The decision to translate a file is based on the first two characters in the document. If they are %!, the filter assumes the document has already been formatted in PostScript. If the first two characters are not %!, the filter assumes that the document is plain ASCII and translates it into PostScript. The ln03rof filter maintains accounting information only for documents that it translates. The af field in the /etc/printcap file is used to specify the accounting file. It is recommended that the ln03rof filter be specified for both the of and the if fields in the /etc/printcap file. For a description of these fields, see the printcap(4) reference page. Filter Files The following print filters and alternatives are available in /usr/lbin/. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Adobe DEC MCS ISO Latin 1 Printer ------------------------------------------------------------------------- ln03rof ln03rof_decmcs ln03rof_isolatin1 LN03r ln05rof ln05rof_decmcs ln05rof_isolatin1 DEClaser 2150 ln06rof ln06rof_decmcs ln06rof_isolatin1 DEClaser 2250 ln07rof ln07rof_decmcs ln07rof_isolatin1 DEClaser 1150 ln08rof ln08rof_decmcs ln08rof_isolatin1 DEClaser 3250 ln09of ln09of_decmcs ln09of_isolatin1 DEClaser 5100 ln14of ln14of_decmcs ln14of_isolatin1 DEClaser 3500 ps_level1of ps_level1of_decmcs ps_level1of_iso- PostScript level latin1 1 ps_level2of ps_level2of_decmcs ps_level2of_iso- PostScript level latin1 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXIT STATUS
Success. An error occurred. ERRORS
The /etc/printcap error log field, lf, specifies the name of the error log file. SEE ALSO
Commands: cancel(1), lpr(1), pr(1), printer(1), lpd(8), pac(8), pcfof(8), thailpof(8) Files: printcap(4) Others: i18n_printing(5) System Administration ln03rof(8)
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