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ils(8) [osf1 man page]

ils(8)							      System Manager's Manual							    ils(8)

ils - Lists files in stl_inv format SYNOPSIS
/usr/lbin/ils [-f file] [name [name...]] OPTIONS
Reads names from file instead of from the command line. DESCRIPTION
For each name argument, ils creates an stl_inv record on the standard output which represents that file. If no names are present and the -f option is not specified, ils does nothing. RESTRICTIONS
The dummy subset name "-" is used in the output records in the subset identifier field. Hard links are not resolved and soft links are not read. All link references in the referent field appear as "unknown". Device major and minor numbers are not displayed. All major and minor number information in the referent field appears as "unknown". SEE ALSO
Files: stl_inv(4) ils(8)

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usync(8)						      System Manager's Manual							  usync(8)

usync - synchronize two setld inventory files to reflect current system status SYNOPSIS
/usr/lbin/usync [-d] file1 file2 OPTIONS
Enables debugging. This will print the pairs of pathnames being synchronized on the standard output. DESCRIPTION
The usync command is used to achieve inventory synchronization by merging two inventory files according to the pathname field of the inven- tory records. The result is directed to standard output. If the two inventory files contain records with the same pathname, the record in file2 is written and the record in file1 is ignored. If either inventory file contains a pathname not present in the other file, the record containing that pathname is written to standard output. To reflect the current system inventory, file2 should represent a later installation than file1. RESTRICTIONS
The two inventory files must be sorted in ascending ASCII sequence on the pathname field. ERRORS
usync: file is corrupt Explanation: Records in one of the inventory files are not sorted properly. EXAMPLES
The following command produces a synchronized inventory for two versions of the OATDCB subset: /usr/lbin/usync OATDCB100.inv OATDCB120.inv FILES
Subset inventory files SEE ALSO
stl_inv(4) Programming Support Tools usync(8)
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